Good Morning

1001277_1434435823435170_1524781869_n (1)      Good morning everyone! I’m sitting here drinking my morning cup of coffee out of my ceramic Night Before Xmas Sally mug thinking about all the things I want to write about today and have many ideas. One thing I want to write about, especially after yesterday’s blog post  about developing your own style, is talking about what inspires me. You all know that Hollywood Pinups and Music inspire me but there are  many other things that give me inspiration in my style, looks, and my everyday life. I’ve been an artist all my life and think I have a pretty good eye and here are some other things that I get inspiration from.

1. BOOKS: Not only fashion or beauty books but poetry books, novels, and biographies, to name a few.

2. ART: I’ve been an artist since I was little so I’ve always been a huge lover of art. Check out some art books or take a trip to a museum you like to see what you like and remember your favorite works of art, or even better, get postcards of your favorites to bring home as references.  My all time favorite artists include, Salvador Dali and Vincent Van Gogh.

3. PHOTOGRAPHS: This falls under the line of art but looking at old photographs can really get your creative juices flowing. I love Black and White photography and how it captures the raw beauty of people. Go to your favorite book store and look for some photography books that capture your fancy. Some of my all time favorite photographers are Cindy Sherman, David LaChapelle, and Man Ray and are definitely worth checking out.

4. Comic Books/Graphic Novels: I love reading comic books and graphic novels and get inspired a lot from them. Some of my favorites include, “Gloomcookie,” books from “Edward Gorey,” the “Sandman Series,” and one my favorite comic book collection, “Demo.”

5. Horror Movies:  Of course I had to include the horror genre in my inspiration list. Anyone who knows me well know that I’m a total horror genre whore and proud of it! I get inspiration from horror movies, horror actresses, and horror art all the time. Whether it’s the makeup or clothes the actors/actresses wear or the style of the film itself, I find plenty of inspiration there and have fun doing it!

TIP: Keep your eyes open for things that appeal to you. It might be something ordinary, like and office building but you might notice the shape of the building design, or an awfully horrid show you’re stuck watching but notice the main actress is wearing a hair style you like. You never know.

beautyandbrains Gotta love a Girl with Beauty and Brains!

charcoalditapinupdrawing Black and White Charcoal and Pencil Art created by Carlie Sorat.

SallyAndRuby Illustration designed and created by Nima Sorat.

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