Spooky Inspiration

 Since I did a post on horror style and fashion yesterday I thought today’s post would be perfect. Today my man and I went to Disneyland which is my favorite theme park. I’ve been going there since I was three. I remember going during Christmas time and seeing the beautiful decorations and just having so much fun. But after Tim Burton’s, “Nightmare Before Christmas,” came out, I never got to see the Haunted Mansion, my favorite ride of Disneyland decorated for Christmas and have always wanted to see it. I’ve been to the park a million times but never during that holiday season. Well today I finally got to see the Mansion decorated and done up with Jack, Sally, Oogie Boogie, and the rest of the cast of Nightmare Before Christmas. My man surprised me with this trip and we ended up going through the haunted mansion twice. It was so much fun. The Haunted Mansion is always fun for me but this was magical because it was something new I had never experienced before.  jackskull pumpkinqueen                                                        hauntedmanionentrance hauntedmansionsign clock

 I took many photos, not just because of the cool decorations they did to the mansion but because the colors and patterns they used and the architecture of the building inspired me in my personal style. I was already wearing my Jack Skellington sweater and Jack and Sally, “Love never dies,” shirt but I found my self more inspired.   

**The bonus part was that there were two amazing characters dressed up like Jack and Sally and were so beautiful in the way they looked and spoke.  I got my photo taken of them and hugged them and felt so happy.                                               IMG_2839                                           

Today was a good day!


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