Going Through the Closet


Here are just some thoughts and tips for organizing your closet, a good way to do your makeup, re-purposing old closet treasures, and more.

1. Wear a robe when you are doing your hair and makeup. I have my bath robe, my kimono robe, and my burlesque robes and wear them all while getting ready. The last thing you want to do is get powder, makeup, or hair products on your fabulous outfit before you go out.

2. When going shopping, always buy QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! I rarely go through sale racks unless it’s an article clothing that I love but was out of my budget before and now I can afford  it. Just make sure it’s not damaged.

3.  Whenever you buy a new item, clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc., go through your closet and get rid of something or a few things. And if the stuff you get rid of is in a GOOD QUALITY, sell  it at vintage or consignment stores. Extra money is always good.

4.  If you can, re-purpose your clothes. I took my long prom dress and made it into a above the knee mini dress that I love wearing. It’s usually not expensive to do either.

5. If you haven’t worn something in 6 months, unless it’s very dressy, get rid of it!

7. Last tip, if you find something that you know is ONE-OF-A-KIND and know you can’t find it anywhere else, get it!!!!!

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