Bring your Style to Work Day


A lot of us have or had jobs in the past where you have a certain dress code or uniform that you need to wear such as Staples, Starbucks, some restaurants, etc. which doesn’t leave a lot of room to show off your personality. Here are some simple but creative ideas to help merge your work look with your beautiful personal look. It shows that with just a little few touches and tweaks, you can project your unique beauty.

Jewelry:    Jewelry, especially unique or handmade pieces can change a whole outfit and look. If you have to dress a certain way to work or stuck in a uniform, accent it with some hot pieces, a cool ring, earrings, bangle bracelets, a unique brooch, necklace that makes a fabulous statement, or whatever turns you on to make you feel good.

Hair Accessories:    My next blog will be more on hair accessories but wanted to introduce it here. I love wearing accessories in my hair such as flowers, scarves, hair combs, and more. When getting ready for work, add a cute item to your polished hair. Don’t feel that you have to clutter your hair with accessories, especially depending on how strict your dress code is. One simple accessory is a perfect balance between our work and personal style.

Modifying your Uniform:     If you can, push your dress code a little over the line. For example, if you have a job that requires you to always black pants, get some black capris or cuff the bottom of your pant legs to channel your inner rockabilly or pinup girl. Or if you wear a white button down shirt, forget buttoning the last few buttons and tie at the waist. Or if you need to wear sneakers because you’re on your feet all day and you can’t wear your hot heels, get a pair of sneaks with a cool design like Ed Hardy’s or a designer pair of sneakers like Coach. Or if you can wear your high heels, wear a pair that POPS, like bright red or animal print. What ever inspires you, and you can get away with at your job.

Makeup:     Makeup definitely completes any look or outfit. Trace your eyes with eye liner to give you sexy cat eyes, wear your bold lipstick, or sport some whimsical glitter shadow. Again whatever inspires you and makes you happy.

These are just a few ideas to act as guidelines in showing off your own world with your professional world. The most important thing is that your feel good, comfortable, and confident in your own skin when you go out into the world for work.



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