What’s in my Cosmetic Bag

cosmeticbag I thought doing this post would be perfect to go with my last one on what’s in my handbag. These items are in m cosmetic bag at all times.

1. Makeup- I don’t pack all my makeup that I’ve used for my look that day. I find there’s no need to do that. I just bring my cosmetics and products that may fade during the day so I can touch up and refresh my look if I need to. This usually includes, my powder compact, lipstick, small concealer brush, and lip balm.

2. Pack of tissues- It’s always handy to have this. I keep them with me, for wiping down anything if needed, for makeup touch ups, or for any allergy issues.

3. Mini brush or comb- Good to always have for and hair issues you may have during the day or night.

4. Hand Sanitizer- Always good to keep your hands clean and germ free.

5. Eye glass Wipes- for wiping smears off my glasses, sunglasses, and my phone.

6. Eye drops- My eyes tend to get dry depending on the weather or if I’ve been wearing my contacts all day long so I always pack my Refresh eye drops.

7. Little hair accessories- Bobby pins, small clips, and hair ties for hair emergencies.

8. Mirrored compact- especially if  the powder compact’s mirror doesn’t cut it.

9. Perfume- I always like smelling good. I keep little perfume samples or a mini bottle of my perfume with me.

10. Setting Spray- to refresh my skin and makeup. It’s like having a mini facial on the go.

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