Film of the Week, Amélie



I absolutely love French films and briefly lived in France a long time ago and loved it. My favorite French film, actually one of my favorite films in general, is Jean Pierre Jeunet’s creation, “Amélie.” Audrey Tautou is an amazing actress in general and is extremely beautiful, comical, sensitive, and passionate in this film.

How can you not love a beautiful porcelain-skinned girl with a short jet black bob?

There are so many wonderful things about the movie “Amélie” that it’s hard to mention just one thing. The first main thing is all the different colors of the film that the director perfectly placed in every scene. On my double disc dvd in the “extras” section, it’s so neat and fun to watch and learn  the concepts and meanings behind the color use and how the director and choreographer talk about enhancing the film with its unique and beautiful color palette. I loved my time in Paris and the movie scenes bring back such lovely and picturesque memories.  


The color usage definitely inspires not only my style and wardrobe but also a lot of my art work.

Another thing that I love and find inspiring about Amélie’s character is how she takes pleasure in the simple things in her life, from dipping her hands in sacks of grains to just feel the texture, skipping stones in the canal, to doing one of my favorite things, cracking the top of creme brulee with a spoon.  Enjoying simple things in life is very significant and important and is something I definitely cultivate and want to continue to cultivate even more in my own life.


“Amélie” is another movie that has a soundtrack and an instrumental score that I absolutely love and play frequently around my house, especially when I’m getting work done. It just makes you feel good inside. I also love Audrey Tautou’s simple but elegant look throughout the film and love to take a page out of her book of style when possible.

The whole story line of “Amélie” is brilliant and I always enjoy watching her journey though out the film; from her starting out being an isolated figure most of the time, to helping people around her and that she cares about, to finding true love and finally allowing herself to be vulnerable and have her heart completely open to receive the love that she deserves. 


I absolutely love Jean Pierre Jeunet and his work but Amélie is definitely his best piece. If you haven’t seen this flick, you definitely must!



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