Deadly Stitches

avatar_7a1620b64aac_128    These are just some photos I did for a high fashion, pinup, rockabilly, and goth inspired photo shoot for the clothing company, “DEADLY STITCHES,” a few years ago. I was one of the first models for their brand new line and had such a fun time doing this. It was especially cool also that I saw the designer and artist at MONSTERPALOOZA (My favorite horror convention) a few months after I’d work with them.

   The reason I am posting these photos  and talking about this shoot is because you all know me as a PINUP and Rock and Roll chick and thought a lot of these images represented both of these styles.


   I also thought these photos might be inspiration for you guys and gals who want to combine different fashion styles and looks.

The bottom line here is to never feel that you need to limit yourself to just one thing (look, style, hair, etc.) if you don’t want to. I know I’ve said this a few times before in previous posts but I think it’s always good and important to say. ALWAYS BE YOURSELF AND COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN! That’s the most important thing.




If you want to check out to out this clothing line, just go to

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