Film of the week, Ginger Snaps


    Ok so you all know I’m a major horror whore so it should come as no surprise that I picked a horror flick for this week’s film of the week. It’s one of my favorite werewolf  movies, “Ginger Snaps,” and some may not like it but I think it is brilliant.  

   First of all, I love that the story is about Katherine Isabelle, aka Ginger who gets her “time of the month” (The Curse) which attracts the werewolf to her, bites her and then gets hit by a car. No silver bullets needed to kill the wolf. After she gets bitten, she immediately starts healing and then her hot transformation begins! She gets more confident and dresses hot and sexy with a gothic edge at school, has sex with a popular guy who she spreads the werewolf “Virus” to, kicks a mean girl at schools ass for picking on her little sister, “Emily Perkins, aka Bridget, who tries to find a cure for her with a sexy as hell drug dealer,”and eventually kills the mean bitch. I love how they made a werewolf bite into a sexually transmitted disease as well as empowering Ginger’s confidence. It’s a nice twist. Of course as Ginger starts killing and eating animals and people, her sister races to find a cure to her big sister’s curse. The ending is definitely unexpected and that’s all I’ll say.

Ginger’s attitude, clothes, and funny and sarcastic dialogue is awesome in this film. Even when her hair turns white and her face starts really mutating into a werewolf, Ginger still rocks. There’s two other movies that follow this film, but the first one is definitely my favorite and the best one. I like this modern version of a classic werewolf movie. It’s alternative, funny, and I really enjoy the acting of the talented and beautiful Katherine Isabelle as well as Emily Perkins as her little sister Bridget. The relationship between the two sisters is very strong and shows the love between them. If you like alternative horror films and/or the actresses in this film, I definitely recommend it. Even if you just watch it for Ginger’s awesome attire.


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