New Tips and Tricks


  Here are some new tips and tricks that I haven’t posted before. You may already know some of them or they may seem obvious but I still wanted to share these. 

1. Clear nail polish-  Perfect for controlling any rips or tears in your stockings so they don’t tear more, (WHICH BY THE WAY, I’D RATHER HAVE A RUN IN MY STOCKINGS THEN HAVING MY SEAMS NOT BEING STRAIGHT.) If you see a hole or snag apply a thin layer of clear polish around the edges of the area and let it dry. Just be careful that you don’t stick your nylons to your skin.

 Here’s another good thing about clear nail polish. If your skin is sensitive from a ring and makes your fingers turn green, you can use the polish as a coating on the inside of your ring. Just apply it gently and let it dry. This acts as protection against any green stains on your fingers.

   2. Mascara- When you apply your mascara, don’t pump your wand in and out of the tube. All that does is cause more air to hit the mascara, causing it to dry out faster and also possibly causing more bacteria to get into it. Instead, take the mascara wand and just swirl it around the tube before applying.

   3. Cleaning your makeup brushes- When it comes to cleaning your makeup brushes, it’s good to clean them at least once a week. There are so many different  makeup brush cleaners on the market but here’s a good tip if you don’t have cleaner or don’t want to invest in one. What you can use instead is a good antibacterial soap, such as softsoap, use a few pumps on your brushes, and get them a little soapy until you feel their clean. Then gently squeeze the extra water out, reshape the bristles of them, and lay them flat on a paper towel or something similar to dry. This trick  works very well for me. You can also use the same process on your beauty blender.

   What you can also do is use a little bit of hair conditioner on the bristles, work through them, and rinse. This keeps your brushes nice and soft.

   4.  On Blow drying- To cut down on frizz and time, after your wash you hair, use a detangler  gently to get rid of any tangles and then let your hair air dry for a bit. When you notice your hair is a little damp and/or almost dry, that’s when you should blow dry your hair. Make sure you apply a thermal spray to your hair to protect it from damage before using any heat products.

   I hope you enjoy these tips and tricks and they work well for you.

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