That’s So Audrey


On my coffee table, I have some beautiful coffee table art and style books including a book of David LaChapelle’s photography and my Dita Von Teese book. I recently added a book to my table called, “So Audrey,” which of course is a tiny book about the breathtaking actress, style icon, and humanitarian, Audrey Hepburn. As far as old Hollywood starlets are concerned, Audrey Hepburn is my all time favorite actress and style icon. As you might know already from my previous blog posts, women like Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese are inspirational icons but Audrey is the very top of my list.

This new book on Audrey is simply lovely. Besides showing beautiful photos of my starlet, this book also gives fashion and life tips to put a little Audrey in your life. Not only are there little tips and anecdotes in this book from Ms. Hepburn, but there are also quotes from the actress and advice, such as her work with children and others with her humanitarian work which shows how kind and amazing Audrey was. Knowing all this about her is very inspirational to me and hopefully others. I’ve known a lot about Audrey Hepburn and her work since I was little but I always enjoy learning something new about her.

If you don’t know much about Audrey Hepburn, I recommend any book or biography about her but “So Audrey,” is unique and is a wonderful read.

Here are a few photos and excerpts from the book to show as a little preview.







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