Updated Beauty Regimen

Hey everyone, hope you all had a happy thanksgiving last Thursday. I know awhile ago I posted about my beauty routine and my favorite skin products but since then, I’ve updated my list of favorite skin products. Not to say that the ones I post before are horrible now but I’ve found better products for my skin and body. If you like the ones you already use, great, but these products seem to work a bit better. Here we go:


  1. Glam Glow DreamDuo, Overnight Transforming Treatment- I first heard about this mask from a friend of mine and was definitely excited to try it. It’s a wonderful overnight treatment that adds collagen and keeps your face smooth leaving it with a glowing radiance to your skin in the morning.. I noticed to my skin right away.



2. LUSH-Luxory Pud Bath Bomb-If you personally know me and/or have read my past blogs in the past here, you know how much I love LUSH products, especially the bath bombs. A few weeks ago I went into the store to check out the new bombs for the holidays and I found this amazing smelling bomb. It’s the Lush Luxury Pud Bath Bomb, and it’s definitely one of my new favorite bombs. It works wonderfully in the tub, softening the skin, smelling divine, and the rainbow colors look beautiful in the water.


3. LUSH ROSE JAM SHOWER GEL- You guys remember my blog post about how much I love the ROSE BODY CONDITIONER but I was so excited LUSH had this in the store finally. They bring it out for the holidays and it smells exactly like the ROSE conditioner. I love washing my self with this delicious body wash and another great thing is it that it lasts for a while.  But in case, I’ll probably buy another bottle of this for me.


4. Garnier Skin Active, Micellar Cleansing Water- This makeup remover was suggested to me by another girlfriend Brit, when I couldn’t find my Sephora makeup remover cleansing water at any store but this Garnier Cleansing Water is even better than the Sephora remover. I love it. It’s an All-In- Water makeup remover that also cleanses and refreshes the skin. It’s also alcohol free which is a plus for me. A huge recommendation for this remover.


5.  Thayers Natural Remedies, WITCH HAZEL , ALOE VERA FORMULA, Alcohol free Toner with ROSE PETALS- This is by far my favorite toner, even better than Benefits.  it’s alcohol free with witch hazel, which I love and is a natural herbal remedy. It also has amazing Rose Petal which is my favorite herb.  This toner also contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E will make your skin bloom and soft. Besides Thayers being alcohol-free, it’s also  paraben-free, naturally preserved, and most important hypoallergenic.  Again it’s made with organic witch hazel, aloe vera, and Natural rose fragrance.  This amazing Toner Cleanses, soothes and tones skin without drying your skin out. 

I feel this is the best toner because it’s all natural ingredients  which is the best thing for your skin.

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