My Big Move

   First thing I’d like to mention is that the one year anniversary of “Bombshell” is coming up on the 25th this month so that’s pretty exciting.

   Last week I finally moved into my new house and am very excited. The moving part was a huge stressful pain so I’m happy and relieved that’s it’s over with.

   It’s interesting, I’ve moved a lot  in my life, from living all over San Francisco, to moving back to Southern California and living in various locations in Los Angeles and Orange County, I constantly felt like a gypsy. The place I live in now finally feels like home and that it’s mine. I feel settled and the more I put my rooms together, the more content I feel.

Even when I lived in San Francisco which was my favorite place to live in, I didn’t really feel like any of my dwellings were mine. They were just buildings I temporarily lived in. I don’t know if it was because I was always renting and now I’m an owner or that subconsciously I knew I’d come back to SoCal. I think one of the reasons is that when we were in college, my husband graduated a semester before me and moved back down to Orange County for work and I was without him up North for a bit. But you know what, in the long run it worked out because after asking me to move down with him, I finally did and after moving to many other places together, we finally found a place that we can truly say is ours. Because of that, the stress and pain of packing and moving here was absolutely worth it.

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