Not Saving for a Rainy Day


I’m not one of those people who only save their “good stuff” for special occasions only. If you do that you won’t get to fully enjoy them. The only time I do that is if I have a piece of very expensive jewelry and don’t want the risk of losing it. Besides that, I wear whatever I want at any occasion. This post kind of goes with a past post I wrote saying to mix and match fancy things with casual items to create a new look. Here are a few things that I recommend splurging on what not to splurge on. 

1. Clothing- Most people love sale and clearance items, as do I sometimes, but when I shop at them I double check the item on how it’s made and if the material feels and looks cheap. Also make sure if there is any tears, snags, and holes.  I don’t go out seeking for bargains on clothes. If I see something I really like, I’ll definitely get it but I’m not one of the those people who like to shop just to shop.

I also believe quality vs. quantity. I’d rather spend more money on something like a new handbag or a dress that I’ll know that will last me a long time, than buying a dozen cheap items that will far apart in a month  if I not sooner.

2. Jewelry, High heels, and Handbags- I feel the same way about my accessories as I do my clothing. Like I said before, if you only save certain items just for special occasions, you’ll never feel comfortable and/or that “special occasion” may never happen. So enjoy what you have now. For example, if you are wearing just a sweater and jeans, throw on some sparkly six inch heels, some diamond earrings, and a good quality handbag, and instantly your casual look will look more polished and you’ll feel a lot more confident.

After reading this post, I hope it gave you some ideas and inspired you on how to put together new looks and to enjoy everything you have.



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