I am a big fan of the VH1 show, “Mob Wives,” and a HUGE fan of Drita d’avanzo so last month I was surprised and so happy about two gifts I received.  I used to watch Mob Wives with my mom and I still watch the show on reruns. Last month my mom and Mrs. Drita d’avanzo sent me a wonderful surprise!  

I love Drita’s line “Lady Boss,” and had been wanting a sweatshirt from her for awhile. To my surprise, my mom bought me a black and glittery lip sweatshirt for me, off the shoulder of course and I was so happy. My mom definitely always knows my style.



Besides the beautiful sweatshirt, there was a surprise request sent for a Drita video, similar to when my friend Dirk Vermin gave me a few shout out youtube vids last year. In Drita’s video, she wished me a very happy holiday season and mentioned how my mom has “CONNECTIONS.” HaHa. It was such a sweet video and I’m so grateful and thankful to my mom and the wonderful Drita d’avanzo.

Enjoy these photos of me and my hot and sexy Lady Boss sweatshirt and my video from Drita! Thank you again.

P.S: Her relationship with Big Ang was always so wonderful to watch! R.I.P Big Ang!!!!

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