Style Swap with Sarah

Since I’ve had my blog up for a long time now, I’ve known Sarah, the author of the blog, LifewithLilRed and I love her. She is such a sweetheart and I wish we lived closer. We definitely hit it off right away. Recently she came up with the idea to do a style swap with each other to get out of our comfort zones and I was very excited to do it.

   Her style swap look was to dress up pinup style while my look was to go preppy. 

Taking photos of me looking preppy was fun and definitely different. I had my hair curly and up and no winged eye liner. Instead of my normal matte lipstick, I wore pink lip gloss. I also had no high heels on, and my had my glasses on. Instead of a pinup dress, I rocked a collared plaid button down shirt, black slacks, loafers, and a scarf. It was nice getting to read a new book while doing the shoot also. My hubby helped take my photos with me and LOVED me looking preppy and natural.  

Here are my pictures:



   I’m so happy about the friendship I’ve developed with Sarah and very glad I discovered her blog and met her. I’m so glad she came up with the idea to do a style swap with me and can’t wait to see her photos and do another joint blog post in the future. Definitely check out her style swap post and her amazing blog site at

4 thoughts on “Style Swap with Sarah

  1. Omfg you look ADORABLE!!! This is such a different look for you and I love it!! Thank you for all of your kind words, too – the feeling is definitely mutual! Can’t wait to do another post together again soon 🙂 ❤

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