Pretty Ghouls



Any of you that have known me more than a minute, know that I love jewelry, especially unique, one of a kind, handmade jewelry. With that said, I have a new piece to show off and a new shop to introduce called, “Pretty Ghouls.” I came across them and Sandy, the owner of Pretty Ghouls on their i.g link and contacted them immediately complimenting all the items that were posted. As I started looking more and more, I asked Sandy if she did special requests and told her what my idea was. I love the 1985 fantastical movie, “Legend,” starring Tom Cruise, Tim Curry, and Mia Sara. My favorite part of the film is when Tim Curry, who plays “Darkness,” tries to woo and seduce Mia Sara’s character, “Princess Lily.” By doing this, he transforms her into this dark beautiful princess. The dark princess is the the image I wanted to have made into a ring. When I told Sandy what I wanted, she was more than happy to make it for me.

From that point, we started communicating back and forth about the details and size of the ring and became friends. She is so cool and we actually don’t live that far from each other and plan on going out and tearing up the town sometime soon.

I was so excited to get my new jewelry and I love wearing it. If you are looking for some cool new jewelry or accessories that you can’t find anywhere, I definitely recommend Pretty Ghouls and all the treasures that come from them. Besides jewelry, she also makes and sells shirts, pillows, and more. Below is a little bio from Sandy on how she started Pretty Ghouls and what inspired her and how she partnered with her sister. Also below are all the links to Pretty Ghouls pages and an absolutely beautiful dedication to the girl’s mom. I also put a photo of Sandy and her sister below and just an example of some of the items Pretty Ghouls make.



**”Hi my name is Sandy and I am the creator of Pretty Ghouls. It is a unique brand of jewelry, apparel and accessories for the strange and unusual like me. My jewelry includes earrings, rings and necklaces with various settings.  All jewelry is handmade, unique and some feature horror inspired images. They can also be customized to fit any style. My apparel features sarcastic dark humor that will add some creepiness to your life.

The inspiration for my designs include Halloween, fantasy, 80’s genre and basically anything nerdy or creepy. My fascination for creepy things definitely came from my Mom. She loved to decorate our house with deadly decor and scare me and my sister. The best memories I have are watching scary movies like Halloween, Gremlins and Lost Boys together. I like the Eighties because it’s the era I grew up in and the movies are timeless. Some of the movies from that decade I love are “Sixteen Candles,” “The Neverending Story,” and “Back to the Future.” My products reflect my interests and when you visit my online store you can see for yourself.

My passion for crafting and designing has led me to turn what I love to do into a business.  I decided to partner with my sister because when we were younger we used to make jewelry together and had so much fun. She loved the idea and Pretty Ghouls came alive! I am excited to bring my macabre and fantasy inspired brand to others. I’m sure we have what every “ghoul“ wants!”

Stay Creepy,

Pretty Ghouls

Pretty Ghouls



“I would like to thank my mom for always encouraging me and my sister to believe in ourselves and never give up on our dreams. She is the reason for our love of all things weird and nerd.


We love you mom! You’ll always be our Halloween Queen💚



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