Brightening Your Skin


  I briefly mentioned this new brightening product that I love in my last post so I wanted to talk and share more about this new and fabulous product that brightens your skin and gives you a beautiful radiant glow. I love the brand, Hollywood, California GLAMGLOW, as you know, and was excited to try a new product from them. It is the GLAMGLOW “FLASHMUD BRIGHTENING TREATMENT.”  You all know I love skincare products that work fast and the flashmud brightening treatment is no exception.

This skin treatment contains illuminating diamond, white birch betulinic acid, niacinamide, and vitamin C. If you don’t already know this, any product with vitamin C, like serums, moisturizers, etc. are great for brightening your skin.


   When you first start using this product you’re supposed to use it for three days in a row. After that you’ll be using the product between two and three times a week. You apply the treatment to your face when dry using circular motions to pre-exfoliate. After you do that you need to leave it on for a minimum of twenty minutes. When I do this, I apply it to my skin after wiping off my makeup, let in sit on my face for the twenty minutes or more depending, then wipe it off while I take my bath or I keep it on while doing stuff around my house. When it’s on your face, the treatment turns semi-transparent as the ingredients absorb. When your brightening product is ready to be taken off, just simply wash off with water.

  A few warnings about using this product, definitely don’t get it near your eye area because it will irritate the sensitive skin area around them. Also before you go out, even if you don’t burn, you definitely should apply sunscreen to your skin to keep your skin healthy and limit unnecessary sun exposure while using this product.

I’m crazy about GLAMGLOW FLASHMUD and recommend it to anyone who wants their skin to have a healthy sexy glow without looking greasy or shiny. Definitely try this one out.

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