Holiday Pinup PhotoShoot


Chrismas Pinups (109 of 44)

Chrismas Pinups (107 of 44)

Chrismas Pinups (106 of 44)

Chrismas Pinups (108 of 44)






A few weeks ago I did a group photoshoot at Elysium Studio. It was a Holiday photoshoot and I was a sexy Burlesque Pinup Model, so I was definitely in my element. Here are my ‘Holiday Burlesque Pinup Photos.” All the photographers were very nice and thank you to Bettie La Rose for putting together this shoot. I hope to work with you again in the future! You were so much fun!

   It was also wonderful to model with one of my best friends, Lauren Daniella since I hadn’t seen her in a long time and her and I had modeled a lot together over years. In the next Holiday Photoshoot photos I post, you’ll she her and I together.


3 thoughts on “Holiday Pinup PhotoShoot

    1. You look absolutely sexy, stunning & cute all in one little sissy😍 I love ❤ the green shoes coordinated with your outfit💚 I really like all of these photos, but I think my favorite one is the 2nd one🎄💚🎅 Ho ho ho😜

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      1. Thank you sis. I’m so glad you liked them. I thought the different color pieces were cute. The 2nd is my fave too. Shh. Hehe. 😊❤️ I love you so much.


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