My Top Three Favorite Drag Queens


Since I just did a small post mentioning my love for RuPaul and RuPaul’s Drag Race, I decided to post my top three drag queens that were all on Drag Race. They also all extremely intelligent and do wonderful things for the LGBT community! I recommend checking all of them out!

1. ALYSSA EDWARDS- She is the queen and I love everything about her. She is Southern Glamour at it’s fullest. If you don’t know much about her, (how can you not?) definitely look her up. Also make sure to watch her show, “Alyssa’s Secret.”

2. LAGANGA ESTRANJA- She cracks me up. She is probably best known for her signature “DEATH DROP” and her love for enjoying the “SPECIAL GREEN LEAVES.” I love how she is a big advocate for medical marijuana and even created her own strain. Laganga is amazing and a very talented choreographer, like her mama, Alyssa Edwards.

3. BIANCA DEL RIO- Oh my god, this drag queen is a “CLOWN” said by her own self and actually won top drag queen on Drag Queen. Her commentary is hilarious, especially when she talks about other queens but she does it with love, most of the time. haha! Check her out!

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