Breaking the Rules of Style: Pinup/Rockabilly

I just finished filming my latest video because I’ve had girls reach out to me recently saying that they are getting into the Rockabilly/Pinup style but are feeling discouraged and not confident because they feel that they aren’t styling themselves the right way or other people are telling them that they’re not dressing or doing their makeup the correct way and that they don’t look like how a Pinup Girl should look. I THINK THAT IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE AND UNACCEPTABLE because the Pinup and Rockabilly Community is such a positive one and being a Pinup is all about having confidence and feeling beautiful and no one should ever put people down or tell them that they aren’t looking the right way. 

 In this video, I definitely give my opinions on the situation and clear up a few things and misconceptions. Enjoy and subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t already.


DISCLAIMER:  In this video, I’m talking about a very small group of individuals that take this lifestyle to seriously that are bringing down girls who are new to this lifestyle. I’m not talking about the majority of the pinup/rockabilly community. I love everyone in the pinup/rockabilly community!

2 thoughts on “Breaking the Rules of Style: Pinup/Rockabilly

  1. Awesome video, Carlie! ❤ And you are SO right!
    Society already tries to shove everyone into boxes, we shouldn't do it to ourselves or each other as well. Dressing in vintage, rockabilly – or any other "alternative" style for that matter – is at least partly about self expression, is it not? So why make all of these rigid rules about what we should and shouldn't wear, or should and shouldn't put on our faces, etc? The rigid conformity of the past is not something we need to be bringing into the modern world, whether we dress vintage or not.

    I always say, society dictates that we have to wear clothes, so we might as well have fun with it – clothing should make us feel good and happy and not be yet another source of stress in this already stressful world.

    ❤ ❤

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