70’s Roller Girl





All I need is a pair of roller skates, tube socks  and a long blond wig and I’d look a roller girl from the 70’s era. 

I don’t remember where I found this strapless, velour, short jumpsuit but I was thrilled when I saw it and had to snag it. 


After talking to my mom yesterday, she told me the girls wore these mini jumpsuits to go roller skating, to the beach, and to the discos. 

Besides my yellow one piece suit and my 7 inch green glitter heels, I also wore a new handmade strawberry hair piece from MonarchsFlowers. I love her stuff because each piece is unique which is what I look for when purchasing hair flowers or accessories. Definitely check out her store. 



I’m so glad I found this outfit and felt like a disco queen. What are your thoughts and comments? Post them below. Also any ideas related to the 70’s roller girl look or any ideas in general, leave them below too. I love hearing from you guys. Lots of love! 💝


4 thoughts on “70’s Roller Girl

  1. Love the 70’s roller girl look! You look fabulous!
    Have you ever seen “Roller Boogie”? It was made in 1979 and starred Linda Blair and is one of the cheesiest movies I’ve ever watched – SO MUCH FUN! Truly a movie that is so bad it’s good – if you can find it (it sometimes shows up on Youtube!), you should definitely check it out! It has everything: Roller skating, disco music, bad acting, a hilariously bad dubbing job toward the end, and the queen herself – Linda Blair! 😉

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    1. I’ve heard of it but never have seen it. I’ll check it out. I was thinking boogie nights when I was wearing my outfit. Lol. 😊♥️


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