My Trip to San Francisco, Part 1

I was recently in San Francisco, aka, my second home and had an absolutely wonderful time. San Francisco will always hold a special place in my heart for me for a few reasons. First reason is that I moved there right after I graduated high school to start attending the Academy of Art University and was so excited. It’s also my favorite place to live and I had lived there for almost 10 years. Also I met my husband there which is the best reason. I was very sad when we had to move back to Southern California, but we are planning on buying a house in San Francisco in the future.

   On my latest trip the weather was nice and cool as welI as foggy which I’ve missed. I took so many photos that I really had to edit which ones I wanted to post here but I still had to break this post in half.  My first set of photos here include shots of and around Haight Ashbury, in and out of my favorite vintage shops in one of my old neighborhoods, the Castro, which is the biggest gay pride community, (I’m so glad I got to be there during Pride month)  pictures from going out with one of my best long time girlfriends Lydia aka my wifey, and near downtown on Nob hill having a proper English Afternoon Tea with the love of my life at the incredibly gorgeous Fairmont Hotel. I hope you all enjoy and stay tuned to Part 2.






IMG_6528 (1)

IMG_6532 (1)











6 thoughts on “My Trip to San Francisco, Part 1

  1. Great pictures, as always! I can’t believe how little I get to SF since I have lived in Santa Rosa, I almost never go anymore. Your pics remind me of how lovely it is there! It’s such a unique city.

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    1. Oh congrats! Let me know if you want to see any specific sites are restaurants, etc. I was a concierge and I know pretty much everything about San Francisco. 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful time and congratulations. Where are you getting married at? 🙂


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