Sunday Morning Coffee Chat


   Some of you know may not know that I collect coffee mugs. I’ve been buying unique and fun mugs for many years and I enjoy doing it.  With that said, I wanted to start today off with my Pink Octopus mug by wishing everyone a good morning and a wonderful week.

This morning’s topic I wanted to talk about is ANXIETY AND PANIC ATTACKS!

   I also wanted to talk about a few things that I’ve never mentioned here before. I know that we all tend to have chaotic events and craziness in different parts of our lives that sometimes are too intense for us to deal which can cause MAJOR ANXIETY and/or PANIC ATTACKS.  That usually means that we need to give ourselves a break. The reason why I wanted to write about this is because I suffer from both of those things a lot of the time. I’m dealing with A LOT of craziness right now, mainly because I’m dealing with people in my family, health issues, and just stuff that is very overwhelming and causes my anxiety to kick in overdrive. For me personally, because everything seems crazier than usual I realized how important and healthy it is to take some time for yourself to decompress and get your mind clear of any chaos. I know it’s easier said than done but I myself am trying to be more positive and to not have my anxiety kick in when everything seems like it hits you at once. 

If you’re feeling that you need a break from the everyday craziness, stop what you’re doing, take deep breaths, close your eyes if you want, and breathe in and out slowly. While doing this, either clear your mind of any kind of negativity, and focus on your breath or think of things that make you feel happy. It may sound obvious and cheesy but it actually does help. Also because anxiety attacks can cause you to feel extra warm, drinking cold water or putting an ice pack on the back of your neck helps you and your body feel back to normal faster.

Oh and when I say that you should take a break, that doesn’t mean doing a bunch of other things besides what you were in the middle of. It’s better sometimes to just not do anything. Also if you don’t give yourself a break and time to yourself, you’ll end up feeling drained. Your body reacts to how you’re feeling emotionally which can cause you to make yourself sick or achy because you’re burning the candle at both ends without taking the time to care about your own well-being. You always need to take care of yourself first before anyone else. Usually If you don’t, you’re eventually going to blow up which is never a good thing. Whenever I feel that way, I drop what I’m doing if I can and sit or stand peacefully while taking slow deep breaths and try to find your “center or balance.” Again I know this sounds like the obvious but I’m talking about things that personally help me that can maybe help others.

I hope you enjoyed this morning coffee post and thank you for reading it. If you suffer from any kind of stress or anxiety, I hope this helped. Another huge reason why I wanted to touch on this area was not just because it’s what I’m going through, but because I know many people who have anxiety feel like they’re alone or they don’t want to tell anyone how they feel because they’re embarrassed or that there is a stigma about it. If you experience anxiety or anything like that, always remember that you’re not alone in this world.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Coffee Chat

  1. That’s some good ideas. Just going for a walk really helps with anxiety for me. I don’t know if anyone else gets angry when they get anxious.


    1. You get angry for a second when you’re stressed but you cool down right away. You’re my support team!! 💖💖💖


  2. Thank you for sharing about Anxiety sis. It’s a very hard thing to go through. It’s a very Brave thing you did, to come out and talk about. I suffer from it. Im getting better with dealing with it. You gave me so much comfort by telling me I’m not alone. You’re truly an ANGEL. I love you dearly. 💖😇💖

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    1. You’re making me tear up, in a a good way. Thank you for that Angela. Your name is Angela cause you’re an angel as well . And no you’re not alone. I truly mean that I’ll always be there for you. I don’t have a lot if close girlfriends


  3. I agree with Angela, it’s a very brave thing! I don’t like to talk about my personal stuff on my blog, but I can assure you that I know what anxiety is like. I deal with it constantly for many various reasons. I think it’s great that you are helping other people by writing about it! ❤

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    1. I’m the same way. I’m very personal with anxiety but wanted to talk about it because it’s a huge topic! 😊 thank you retrodee!


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