Holiday Gifts From Annabel Lee

   You first heard me talk about Alexandra Walden who runs the awesome blog and newsletter, in October. She introduced me to the Samhain Society which I wrote about here as well. If you haven’t read my post about what the Samhain Society is, definitely go check it out, but in a nutshell, the Samhain Society is a society of bloggers and website creators that love all things spooky like me, and write a lot about horror and gothic subjects. Even though not all my articles and posts here are spooky/horror related, I do write a lot of that topic and everyone who follows me here, my art site, and all my social media know that I LOVE CREATING SPOOKY DARK WORKS OF ART AND AM A HORROR LOVING WHORE!

   Besides Alexandra’s newsletter and blog, she also has an etsy shop where she makes and sells really cute gothic home-making items. For the holiday season, I recently purchased two items from her. The first thing I bought was a gift for my husband. He loves having his tea so I bought him a handmade BLACK BUTTERFLY TERRARIUM CAMEO TEA BALL INFUSER which he absolutely loved and will definitely use a lot.

   The other item I bought from her was a gift for myself. I got a Victorian Gothic Tea Cup Candle with a yummy currant scent. I bought the last Alice in Wonderland yellow and white striped cup and saucer which I was very excited about. All the Victorian cup and saucer candles are gorgeous and it was very hard for me to pick which one I wanted but when I saw the Alice in Wonderland one with the detachable saucer and that it was the last one, I immediately purchased it….and I’m very glad I did.

   If you are looking for some holiday gift ideas for your spooky or gothic loving friends or for yourself, definitely check out Alexandra’s etsy shop called, MeandAnnabelLeeShop.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Gifts From Annabel Lee

  1. Once I had a “Nightmare Before Christmas” party and I bought all spooky gifts to give as favors. That was before NBC became a mainstream classic, so none of the items were Disney, they were just cute, cool spooky stuff like you show here. I think that’s most creative. Cute tea strainers!

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    1. Oh my god I wish I would’ve been there at your party. Yeah I loved the film the moment I saw it as a kid but I was never one of those kids that had to buy all the merchandise at hot topic or those kind of places you know? I have my nightmare before Xmas fairies in my collection and my mugs and a few glasses and that’s it I think. Hehe.


    2. And yes you should definitely check out my girlfriend’s site. You’d love everything. Sorry for the long message before. Too bad we aren’t neighbors. Hehe. I do like going to Disneyland during Xmas time to see the Nightmarebeforexmas decor. 😊💜💫


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