My Top Favorite Accessory Brands

   In the past on my blog I’ve mentioned many things about accessorizing and that the right accessories can completely change your outfit and/or look. These are my top favorite brands to get all my favorite accessories, from pinup and vintage style to sexy boudoir, and high fashion.  I strongly recommend all these brands and think that everyone will enjoy them.

(Quick side note,  as many of you know, especially if you have been reading my blog for awhile now, I’ve mentioned, written, and modeled in photoshoots while reviewing fantastic companies such as Sourpuss Clothing, Hellbunny, and Kreepsville 666, which are also my favorite brands, so I decided to not include them here in this post because they will be in another article soon about my favorite clothing brands, and I have also done past blog posts about them but I love all their accessories besides the labels I mention below.)


1. Betsey Johnson- Betsey Johnson’s accessories can DEFINITELY change on how an outfit looks and can make it POP! I can’t even remember when I first fell in love with Betsey because it was so long ago. She makes the most creative and unique pieces, from her clothing to purses, to her fabulous jewelry. I’ve honestly have never seen anything from her that I didn’t love. Her jewelry pieces are probably my favorite from her. Both my mom and I collect her jewelry. Any kind of animal, theme, or popular images such as skulls, anchors, etc., she has made. 

I had to include a few pictures of Betsey’s items because I have so much stuff from her. The pictures are just a small taste to my collection. I also included my leopard purse from her because it was the first Betsey Johnson purse I ever got years ago from my incredible and wonderful mom. You can find Betsey’s stuff in stores such as Macy’s or online. If you are on a budget and/or can’t afford Betsey Johnson, I definitely recommend her other brand, BetseyVille. Betseyville has very pretty and wonderful items as well and is more affordable.





2. Bettie Page shoes (From Ellie Shoes)- This is one of my favorite shoe brands. They are a vintage inspired and pinup shoe line. They have a HUGE selection of heels in every color and also have the cutest designs such as polka dots and flowers. They come in all different heel sizes so if you don’t want six inch heels, you can get a pair with wedges instead or a three inch heel. Bettie Page shoes are also Extremely comfortable. They have built in cushions which allow you to wear them all day long. Below is my sexy pair of red Bettie heels. 


3. Agent Provocateur- This lingerie line has the most beautiful lingerie. I remember the first time I ever walked into their shop. They had to fit me for my underwear and the ladies who helped me were the sweetest. It was the one of the best customer service I’ve ever had. It’s definitely not a cheap brand by any means and is a very luxurious line. Even though Agent Provocateur can be expensive, the quality of their lingerie is amazing and will last you a very long time. My two lingerie sets below are from when I lived in San Francisco and discovered their store for the first time which was about fourteen years ago, and it’s still in great shape. You can go online to find store locations as well as buy from their sexy website.



4. Lux De Ville- Lux De ville makes absolutely fabulous retro and vintage style handbags as well as train cases and wallets. Their bags look like the vinyl inside of a 1950’s car and comes in all different colors and styles. They also have a shine and sparkle to them. They recently came out with a Black Widow collection which is all spiderwebs. I love the quality of their bags. One of my favorite things about them is that they come with cute keychains to attach to the handles.


  Definitely check out all these cool and fun accessory brands and have fun shopping for them.

Vintage Springtime Pinup


   A little under two weeks ago on a Saturday, I had a fantastic day of shooting with Jordan Giuliani. I’ve known Jordan for years and he’s such a great friend. We actually have done a few  photo shoots in the past where we BOTH were models and always had a lot of fun. He is a very creative and talented person and his photographic skills are wonderful. I can’t thank him enough for coming out to my neck of the woods to do this project with me.

   When we did our day of shooting we did a few different looks and styles and here is just one of themes we did. It’s a Spring Time Pinup theme that we did outside in my floral vintage dress, Cuban heel stockings, and tall black glitter high heels shoes.

   The weather was perfect for this shoot as well and had a lot of fun.

Here are my favorite photos from my Vintage Springtime Pinup shoot. I hope you enjoy then and stay tuned for the other theme we did.




To see more of Jordan and his work you can go to these links.

What’s in my Handbag




Handbags are probably my favorite accessories and I love all of mine. Whenever I go out, either during the day or to work, or to have a night out on the town, I always make sure I have my essentials that are must-haves for me and keep me prepared for any situation. 

The first part here is my list for every day handbags while the second part is for going out at night or special/ fun occasions such as date night, going dancing, and more. These lists just act as guidelines and ideas of items you might want to bring with you so always prepared. Anything else important to you, feel free to bring it with you. Have fun with this.

My “everyday bag” here is my Betsey Johnson telephone (and yes it’s an actual working phone) purse:

1. Wallet- Of course

2. Coin purse- Separate from my wallet

3. Cosmetic bag- For touch ups throughout the day. I’ll be talking more about what I keep in my cosmetic bag later.

4. Notepad and pen- I ‘m very old school here and don’t like storing lists and my calendar in my phone. God forbid it breaks or gets lost and I lose everything. I’d rather write out my to-do lists in a little notebook and keep my schedule in a beautiful planner.

5. Sunglasses- I never go anywhere without them.

6. Keys- of course

7. Compact- To make sure I’m looking fabulous at all times.


20160305_123738 (1)

My smaller handbag shown about is my beautiful red heart Brighton purse which is very precious to me:

1. Card holder- You can find these at many places such as drugstores, accessory stores, online, etc., and they aren’t expensive and come in cute patterns and designs. When I’m going out for special occasions or for certain plans, I don’t like bringing my whole wallet with me. I just bring the most important things such as my i.d, debit card, (no credit cards usually) gas card, and some cash folded up. These holders also give you more room in your purse.

2. Make up- My cosmetic bag usually doesn’t fit in my smaller purse so I just put my touch up tools directly in my purse.

3. Keys- Again obvious

4. Again for touch ups and looking fabulous always.

Like I said earlier, if you have anything else you feel you must have with you at all times, pack it. It’s good to always be prepared.