Pinup Valentine’s Photoshoot

   A few weeks ago I did Pinup Valentine’s shoot for a magazine. It was organized and planned by Bettie La Rose, which who put together the holiday shoot I did in December. She is so awesome and love working with her. This was another group shoot and it was nice seeing a lot of familiar faces with both the other models and the photographers. It was nice meeting some new people as well. It’s always a great feeling to work with people that are really easy to get along with. It gives a positive dynamic to everyone. This shoot was a lot of fun to do.

   The first few photos is by Bryon Love. The other girl in one of my pictures is my friend and model Jessy Dodd. 




 The second group of photos below are by Stephen Fitzsimons. Check out both of their  Facebook pages to see more of his work.

Valentines Shoot-3075

Valentines Shoot-3076

Valentines Shoot-3080

Valentines Shoot-3082

Valentines Shoot-3095

Valentines Shoot-3098

   Hope you enjoy part one of my Valentine Pinup  photos. I’m going to post them in different parts like I did with my holiday shoot and get everyone into the romantic mood in time for Valentine’s Day.



Holiday Pinup PhotoShoot


Chrismas Pinups (109 of 44)

Chrismas Pinups (107 of 44)

Chrismas Pinups (106 of 44)

Chrismas Pinups (108 of 44)






A few weeks ago I did a group photoshoot at Elysium Studio. It was a Holiday photoshoot and I was a sexy Burlesque Pinup Model, so I was definitely in my element. Here are my ‘Holiday Burlesque Pinup Photos.” All the photographers were very nice and thank you to Bettie La Rose for putting together this shoot. I hope to work with you again in the future! You were so much fun!

   It was also wonderful to model with one of my best friends, Lauren Daniella since I hadn’t seen her in a long time and her and I had modeled a lot together over years. In the next Holiday Photoshoot photos I post, you’ll she her and I together.


Steampunk Burlesque Photo Shoot (Part 2)

Here is Part 2 of my sexy steampunk burlesque photo shoot with Jordan Giuliani. In this part 2 photoshoot, I was photographed on a couch in many different sexy poses and instead of my pencil skirt from part 1 of this shoot, I wore my ruffled burlesque performance shorts with of course my high high heels. I love part 2 of this shoot! ENJOY!!!!










Steampunk Burlesque Photo Shoot (Part 1)

Here is my another recent photo shoot that I did titled, “Steampunk Burlesque,” photographed by good friend Jordan Giuliani who as you know did my  “Vintage Springtime Pinup” photo set. If you haven’t seen the photos from that shoot, scroll down or just click on the title, “Vintage Springtime Pinup.”

I love Steampunk and as do Jordan. As a matter of fact, I first met Jordan at a  group photo shoot called, “Steampunk Circus,” where he was the conductor/ringmaster and I was a siamese twin with my girlfriend who had never done a shoot before. It was such a fun day.  Aww memories!

One of the things I really enjoy shooting  with Jordan is how he enjoys showing off  the  beauty and Joie de Vivre of women without being raunchy or to “in your face” He also loves shooting photographs where he portrays women as very powerful beings.

I decided to showcase my new images in two different parts here instead of one enormous blog post to show off the different variations. 

   PART ONE:  We actually first shot in my art studio where I donned my  red, black, and gold steampunk waist corset, black pencil shirt, black high heels, and one of my fabulous and gorgeous bras from the equally fabulous and gorgeous Dita Von Teese. 















Bless the Vintage Magazine

Last summer I was part of a pole/burlesque show and won for the best pinup model and look. I actually wrote a long post about the show including hot vintage photos of me and my friends. The awesome photographer that shot the photos that night known as Bless the Vintage came out with a magazine this January and in the very first issue, I was published in it along with fellow performers and friends. I’m very grateful and excited I got to be shown in his first magazine. To check out more of his work, you can find him on Instagram under @blessthevintage.


Freddy vs. Jason

  A few weeks ago I did an amazing and fun photoshoot with one of my all time favorite themes, horror. I’ve done horror shoots in the past but this one was my favorite because it had a wicked and sexy burlesque twist to it! In this shoot I portrayed two of my favorite horror icons, Freddy Krueger, of course, and Jason Voorhees. I love the film Freddy vs. Jason and was thrilled to do a photoshoot representing the dual characters. The day I modeled for this shoot,  the weather was rainy so couldn’t shoot outdoors as planned but the lighting was still wonderful when shooting in doors. 

Here are favorite and best shots from my hot wicked horror photoshoot. Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!!!!

(Jason of course;






and now a little Freddy!?