A Few Tips and Tricks

  This is a little youtube video of me talking about some makeup and hair advice. I’m going to be making more youtube vids for my channel, CarlieMichelle, but want to show off them here too. 

Here are some tips and tricks and photos on creating your own look and style, whether you want to create a pinup, vintage, psychobilly or regular everyday look.

First tip is that when you want to practice a new makeup or hair look, make sure you give yourself enough time. Don’t do it before work or if you have to be somewhere fast because god forbid you don’t like how your look looks, you probably won’t have enough time to fix it. This is also a good tip so you don’t stress yourself out by having to re wash your face or brush out your hair and make your self late.

Another good trick is to practice your makeup and hair looks on a day where you don’t have to work or do a lot so you can work on the particular style you are trying to create. You won’t have to worry about rushing or give yourself anxiety or stress. This will give yourself enough time to practice.

Here are some closeup pics of me in the style I’m rocking in my vid above! Hope you enjoy and hope these tips help.

Makeup, hair, and style should always be fun and not a stressful event. Practicing will of course help but the best and MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER IS TO ALWAYS HAVE FUN WITH YOUR LOOK! THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!!!!  


Heavy Metal Witch Suzy

This feature is about my sister witch Suzy. She is from New Zealand and a chameleon with her style. She can work any look from sexy spooky gothic to a glamor puss and always look amazing. She also can rock smoky eyes like no one’s business.

Suzy is a woman of many talents.  Like my other sis Angela, she is also a very talented  cake decorator. She is also a wife, a mother of two and a volunteer for an amazing organization called, “Be the Change, New Zealand.” This is something that you need to definitely check out on her Facebook. It’s a non-profit organization about anti-bullying which I support 100 percent. Suzy has such a beautiful soul and have known her for about a year like my sexy sis Angela and so grateful to have her in my life. I call Suzy a chameleon because she she looks fabulous however she dresses or looks and has won some really awesome contests on instagram such as “White Eyes Halloween makeup contest 2015,” 

2016-01-08 23.28.08

This collage of pics are of Suzy in different styles and makeup for different occasions. I love them all.  Suzy is such a wonderful being and has such a good soul and we’re definitely kindred spirits.  I love all my heavy metal witch sisters and love that I am starting to feature them on my site here.

 To see more of Suzy’s style photos, here are two social media pages.  Suzy on facebook, her name is profile names is Suzanne Owen.  To find her on instagram, her profile name is @SuzyQMetalGirl666 You must definitely check her outl

Heavy Metal Witch Angela

Earlier last year, I met a group of women on instagram that I immediately connected to. Our bond was first because we loved horror films,spooky things, and rock music but as time went on, we all developed a very special relationship with each other and connected on a much deeper level. We became very close and created a very special sisterhood where we could confide and trust each other and tell our stories and issues without being judged.

Eventually the ten of us created out own little sister coven called, “Heavy Metal Witches,” which was such a cool thing. It’s wonderful that even though us girls all live in different parts of the world, we talk every day whether through messenger, instagram, video, or through letters. This works very well until we all meet up in person, which we plan on doing hopefully soon. THERE ARE NO ONE-SIDED RELATIONSHIPS HERE! These girls are all so special to me and I love my sisters. Besides us being so close, and loving horror, music, and more, we ALL HAVE A FABULOUS SENSE OF STYLE! When I started “bombshell” I knew I had to include my heavy metal sisters at one point.



My first sister I’m introducing is the amazing southern metal chick, Angela from Tennessee. When you look at Angela, you immediately see she exudes beauty mixed with rock and roll. From her bad ass band t-shirts, her rocker curly hair, bandannas, and tattoos, Angela always looks fabulous. I love her glasses she shows off sometimes as well. Not only does she have a great look and style, she turns baking and decorating cakes into an art form and is extremely talented. You must check her and her work out.

These photos are just a teaser but to see more of Angela, visit her Instagram page under ANGELAHALLOWEEN13. Also make sure to check out her Facebook page under ANGELA SMART and don’t forget to check out her amazing cakes as well.