Story Book Cosmetics , Wizardry and Witch Craft Eye Shadow Palette


“Once upon a time, there were three sisters who never stopped believing in Fairy Tales… and they all lived happily every after!”

I’ve been practicing witchcraft and spirituality since I was about twelve and when I first heard about this new makeup brand, I knew I had to have it. It took awhile for me to get it because it sold out right away but were able to get the witchy brushes right away. Last night I received my palette finally and had to do a a part one and two makeup tutorial today.  




I hope you enjoy! Also to be sure to check out their website:

Bitch Slap Cosmetics



Here’s a review vid on this cosmetic line that I recently discovered not too long ago. This was really fun to do and review. My favorite part was reviewing my hot new Freddy Krueger highlighter. Horror and makeup. What could be better?


Pretty Ghouls



Any of you that have known me more than a minute, know that I love jewelry, especially unique, one of a kind, handmade jewelry. With that said, I have a new piece to show off and a new shop to introduce called, “Pretty Ghouls.” I came across them and Sandy, the owner of Pretty Ghouls on their i.g link and contacted them immediately complimenting all the items that were posted. As I started looking more and more, I asked Sandy if she did special requests and told her what my idea was. I love the 1985 fantastical movie, “Legend,” starring Tom Cruise, Tim Curry, and Mia Sara. My favorite part of the film is when Tim Curry, who plays “Darkness,” tries to woo and seduce Mia Sara’s character, “Princess Lily.” By doing this, he transforms her into this dark beautiful princess. The dark princess is the the image I wanted to have made into a ring. When I told Sandy what I wanted, she was more than happy to make it for me.

From that point, we started communicating back and forth about the details and size of the ring and became friends. She is so cool and we actually don’t live that far from each other and plan on going out and tearing up the town sometime soon.

I was so excited to get my new jewelry and I love wearing it. If you are looking for some cool new jewelry or accessories that you can’t find anywhere, I definitely recommend Pretty Ghouls and all the treasures that come from them. Besides jewelry, she also makes and sells shirts, pillows, and more. Below is a little bio from Sandy on how she started Pretty Ghouls and what inspired her and how she partnered with her sister. Also below are all the links to Pretty Ghouls pages and an absolutely beautiful dedication to the girl’s mom. I also put a photo of Sandy and her sister below and just an example of some of the items Pretty Ghouls make.



**”Hi my name is Sandy and I am the creator of Pretty Ghouls. It is a unique brand of jewelry, apparel and accessories for the strange and unusual like me. My jewelry includes earrings, rings and necklaces with various settings.  All jewelry is handmade, unique and some feature horror inspired images. They can also be customized to fit any style. My apparel features sarcastic dark humor that will add some creepiness to your life.

The inspiration for my designs include Halloween, fantasy, 80’s genre and basically anything nerdy or creepy. My fascination for creepy things definitely came from my Mom. She loved to decorate our house with deadly decor and scare me and my sister. The best memories I have are watching scary movies like Halloween, Gremlins and Lost Boys together. I like the Eighties because it’s the era I grew up in and the movies are timeless. Some of the movies from that decade I love are “Sixteen Candles,” “The Neverending Story,” and “Back to the Future.” My products reflect my interests and when you visit my online store you can see for yourself.

My passion for crafting and designing has led me to turn what I love to do into a business.  I decided to partner with my sister because when we were younger we used to make jewelry together and had so much fun. She loved the idea and Pretty Ghouls came alive! I am excited to bring my macabre and fantasy inspired brand to others. I’m sure we have what every “ghoul“ wants!”

Stay Creepy,

Pretty Ghouls

Pretty Ghouls



“I would like to thank my mom for always encouraging me and my sister to believe in ourselves and never give up on our dreams. She is the reason for our love of all things weird and nerd.


We love you mom! You’ll always be our Halloween Queen💚



Tribute from Camp Crystal Lake


    My super sweet and cool friend Crystal Ivy or “Camp Crystal Lake,” made this super awesome photo collage and wrote this really sweet tribute to me which she posted on Instagram, which is where I first met her. She did a few tributes to her friends but I was  the first one. Crystal Ivy and I have a lot of mutual friends on I.G and a lot in common, including horror films, batman, art, and much more. Her I.G tribute had meant so much to me (and still does) when I first saw it that I wanted to definitely post it here.  

When she was working on the collage and statement about me together, she asked me to tell her five random facts about myself to use in it, which I did, which you’ll also see below .

I want to again thank my friend I adore Crystal for thinking of me and putting this together. She’s an awesome chick and very glad I met her and have become good friends with her. Be sure to check her out on instagram under, campcrystlelake .



“I wanted to recognize some of the beautiful women of horror that I have met thru IG and give you guys a brief intro…there are several of these shout outs I am going to post but this one is the first and probably the only one I will get around to posting tonight. My friend Carlie @carliemichelle66 is one of my good friends and she is a fiercely loyal friend, often the mama bear of her crew. Music is super important to her, and her first concert was Smashing Pumpkins and Kiss when she was 15. She loves animals but her favorite dogs are pugs and Dachshunds. Another fun fact is that she met Angelina Jolie and her Brother shopping on Melrose one day. I love Carlie because she has brains, beauty and charm and we text on a regular basis so I consider her one of my close friends. Go give a follow to this gorgeous and Sweet Bettie Page Doppelganger.”


How to Make Your Blow-Out Last Longer


I absolutely love getting professional blow outs and always want to make them last as long as possible. Even when I do my own blow outs, I like to keep them looking fabulous as much as I can for as many days as I can. If you are like me, here are some ways to maintain you do’.

1. When you first get your hair styled and blown out, whether you do it yourself or get it done by a hair stylist, don’t weigh your hair down with a ton of products like a lot of hair spray, pomade, or styling wax. Use as little product as you can so your hair doesn’t feel weighed down or greasy right away. 

  For me, when I first get my blow-out or blow dry my own hair, I only use a thermal spray or cream to protect my hair from the heat. Then I’ll use a dime size amount of shine serum at the very end to keep my hair looking shiny and healthy.

2. Don’t wash your hair everyday. My hair isn’t oily so I don’t need to wash my hair every day but even if your hair is more on the oily side, you can buy dry shampoo in either the color of your hair or a clear dry shampoo and spray a little at your roots which will soak up an excess oil. A little bit of baby powder sprinkled at your roots will work the same as the dry shampoo but if your hair is dark like mine, you might look like you have dandruff so I would recommend getting dry shampoo instead.

   A great one is, Batiste Dry Shampoo but there are a lot of different ones on the market.

3. If your blow out starts to fall limp after a day or two and want to get your volume back, there is a great product you can use to give your do’ back it’s fabulous volume without a bunch of teasing and hairspray. It’s called Thickening, “Dryspun Finish,” and it’s by Bumble and Bumble and it’s a dry spray that creates and helps instant fullness and gives your hair a great airy texture. My friend Krystal who does my hair a lot told me about this product and I love using it. All you have to do is hold the spray about 10 inches away and spray even strokes where you want the airy texture or some lift.


The other way to use this awesome product which I mainly use it for is for when blow out loses some volume, I spray at the roots then ruffle them with my fingers. I have instant volume after I do that. You don’t have to use a lot of this spray which is good and won’t way down your hair.

 4. Another great tip to keep your hair style help up, especially if you have waves or curls is to take a silk or nylon scarf and tie it gently around your head before you head out for the evening and/or definitely before you go to sleep.


5. Last great way to make your beautiful blow outs last long is to not do any heavy styling until the 2nd or 3rd day you’ve had your hair washed and blown out. This can vary because of the type hair you have, thick or thin, oily or dry, etc., but if you’re hair is freshly washed and dried, any fun looks you want to do won’t work or stay as well as if you do a fun look on the 3rd or 4th day when you’re hair produces more natural oils.

For example, you all know I’m a pinup model and love doing my victory rolls, bumper bangs, and more but I don’t do those type of hair looks until at least the 3rd day of my blown out hair. It’s easier for me to get my desired hair look.

Depending on the time of year or the weather, my hair can get a bit dry so if attempt to do a vintage style on the 1st or 2nd day, I’ll have to use a lot more product and heat instruments on my hair which can cause damage and leave your hair feeling icky. Plus it’s more time consuming but those styles can be hard to do on freshly clean hair.


Hope these tips help to keep your locks lustrous for as long as possible!

  • All pics taken by me except the two black and white and product shot.