New Art Shop

Even though I’m always open to a direct message for commissions and prices for both my husband and I, there is a new shop we are using to buy already created pieces right away. Definitely check it out when you can and leave your comments there and and down below here. Most of the pieces shown are one of a kind so get it while you can. Again, if you have any questions, you can dm me on twitter @carliesorat or Nima Sorat at @inqtanq or leave your questions and information down below or on Ko-Fi!

Thank you so much, XOXO, Carlie and Nima

Illustration Commissions by Mr. Sorat

Are you in the mood for a personal illustration of yourself, favorite comic character, portraits, landscapes, buildings/architecture, or more? Then I have a wonderful illustrator for you.

It is none other than my husband Nima Sorat. I know I may sound biased but he’s an extremely talented artist and individual. We met at the Academy of Art University in San Fransisco and before he even graduated, he had already established himself as a published illustrator. His first book he did is called, “Monster Attack Network,” and I can’t tell you how proud I was of him when he had his own booth at the San Diego Comic Con!

The second book he did was called, “Graveslinger,” which is one of my favorites. You can find this book plus “Monster Attack Network,” online to purchase and I definitely recommend it. Again, I’m trying to not be biased. Nima’s work is amazing and the writing is fantastic and I’m very proud of his accomplishments.

If you are interested in getting any kind of illustration, paintings, or art work done by Nima, you can comment here below or you can message him through his twitter which is (@inqtanq) and he you can talk about any custom work, commissions, and prices. Definitely check him out and commission him for your next project. You won’t regret it!