Gorgeous Music Icons

Here are my top ladies of music that aren’t just talented but have a hot rocking style.

1. Lana Del Rey- Besides her beautiful poetry and sultry voice, Lana can look good in anything, including a paper bag. There has never been one outfit I haven’t liked of hers! She is so amazing and one of my all time female singers. Her classic old Hollywood style mixed with modern pieces makes her look just as amazing as her talent.



2. Shirley Manson- I’ve been in love with Shirley and her band Garbage since they first came out in the early 90’s. From her fiery red hair, to her knee high boots, to her going blond, her orange and red outfits, and back to red hair, Shirley is always one step ahead of other female rockers.



3. Courtney Love- Ok we all know that she can be a mess nowadays but she is still talented. Her band HOLE was one of my favorite bands growing up and at one point I copied her look with her baby doll dresses, knee socks, and more. Also when she did the movie, “The People Vs. Larry Flynt,” and she became a model for Versace, I admired her elegant change in fashion and her lifestyle.



4. Imelda May- This Irish singer is a rockabilly and blues queen. Her clothes are spectacular and funny enough, her and I have some of the same outfits. The way she sings  always puts me in a good mood and I feel like I’ve stepped out of a movie from the 1930’s.  You definitely must check her out if you haven’t already.



5. Lady Gaga- Need I say more. Gaga is a chameleon when it comes to fashion and can pull off any look. She can rock huge hair, razor blade sunglasses, and caution tape just as well as she can pull off jean shorts and a bud light t-shirt. I love her fearless sense of fashion as much as I love her music, which is A LOT!!! For me, Gaga can do no wrong.



6. Gwen Stefani- I remember how excited I was to buy my first L.A.M.B outfit and Harajuku clothing from Gwen Stefani. I can still recall her “Tragic Kingdom,” days and how her liner wings were always perfect along with her luscious red lips, platinum blond hair, and ever changing style. From her ska look to being a harajuku girl, pretty much every thing she wears is fabulous and trend setting. 





  By request from my followers and fans, here’s my second slow video dancing to Jessica Lange’s version of “Gods and Monsters,” from American Horror Story Freakshow.  That’s why I’m rocking my hot FREAKSHOW tank here. Touch of Rob Z at the end but goes with my dancing here beautifully.  Check it out and like on youtube please as well. Thank you and enjoy!

Rock&Roll Style


0                     1. THE BEATLES: This one of my favorite bands of all time and still are amazing and popular after all these years and no one can wear a suit and mop-top hair as well and sharp as the FAB 4!! I love wearing well-made suits like them.

2. SOCIAL DISTORTION: Another band that still rocks today. I’ve seen them several times in concert and they’re style is amazing. When I’m in a Social D, rockabilly mood, I pull my hair into a pompadour ponytail, throw on a white wife-beater or my social distortion girl tank with tight capris and slap on some red lipstick.  This is a hot look on girls, and if your bra shows thru your white tank, who cares? Rock it!

3. LANA DEL REY: I am in love with Lana. Besides her amazing voice, her style is  fabulous. She can wear a vintage dress or a Budweiser t-shirt and look equally hot. I love watching her music videos to get fashion or look ideas. She mixes her different looks perfectly.

4. JOAN JETT:  Of course I’m going to list Joan Jett. Ever since she was a kid in the “Runaways,” she has always had bad-ass style.  From her signature jet black mullet to her black leather jacket and leather pants, Joan’s fashion is timeless, just like her music. I enjoy channeling my inner Joan when I rock my leather jacket, leather pants with my blue black hair.

5. ROB ZOMBIE: I’m absolutely in love with both Rob and Sherri Moon Zombie and both of their styles rock too. They often mix hippie chic clothing with their horror gear which I love. For example, Rob will wear a 60’s style long sleeve shirt on stage with a pair of jean bell bottoms with horror patches, like Bela Lugosi. Sherri mixes her looks too and I love her “Total Skull,” clothing line. I own some of her shirts and the designs she created are awesome.  I love love love this horror couple!

Who are your favorite musicians?


Developing and Showing your Personal Style

  • I’m taking this line from Lana del Rey’s song, “Cola,” “I wear my diamonds on skid row.”  This is perfect for how I accessorize a lot of the time. I wear my expensive jewelry with casual outfits and mix and match. Why wait for a special occasion to bring out your diamonds, gold, and pearls? Enjoy what you have and wear them whenever you get the urge. Don’t let your jewelry go to waste!                                                                                                                           . Wear belts over long dresses, large shirts, and other large clothing items to show off your figure. If you don’t have a belt you like, use a fun scarf and tie it around your waist to give the same effect.                                                                                                                     . I love wearing high heels! Anyone who knows me knows I live in heels. I literally have one pair of sneakers and they are an old pair of Ed Hardys. To make your legs look longer, wear heels with no across ankle straps or if you don’t like wearing heels, wear flats with no straps. I own many shoes with straps but my already long legs look 10 times longer without straps.                                                                                              . Most important thing, don’t be afraid to stand out! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gotten looks at the market or a store, which I take as a compliment. Especially when the people looking at me are wearing slippers, pajama pants, and a highschool hoodie.  I laugh at it. Don’t let anyone put you down for how you look ever!!!!!!