Bless the Vintage Magazine

Last summer I was part of a pole/burlesque show and won for the best pinup model and look. I actually wrote a long post about the show including hot vintage photos of me and my friends. The awesome photographer that shot the photos that night known as Bless the Vintage came out with a magazine this January and in the very first issue, I was published in it along with fellow performers and friends. I’m very grateful and excited I got to be shown in his first magazine. To check out more of his work, you can find him on Instagram under @blessthevintage.


Pinup Pole Show

   A few weeks ago, I went to the fabulous Pinup Pole Show , hosted by the fabulous and beautiful Tonya Kay, at “The Federal” Bar in Long Beach. I performed at the one in Los Angeles awhile ago and loved the venue but was excited to experience the other location in the heart of Long Beach. I had V.I.P seating and was excited to see the host Tonya Kay and her girls do retro style pole dancing and burlesque moves. An extra surprise was to see me girlfriend Tiffany Rose Mockler as one of the performers who I hadn’t seen in a while and used to dance with at “Vertitude,” until I moved. The show was a wonderful mix of pole tricks, vintage dance moves, and comedy.

During the intermission while the performers were changing and preparing for their second set, Tonya Kay came on stage and did a pinup dress contest and I was one of the contestants. When it was my turn to introduce my self, I did my sexy bump and grind walk and did a cute spin around one the poles, which was pure talent since I was wearing a tight tiger wiggle dress, but the audience was still applauding. When the time came to decide on the winners, I was ecstatic to hear my name called. I got a big bag of amazing gifts and goodies and gave Tonya a big smooch on the cheek. Her, myself, and the rest of the contestants took some group photos on stage and my man snapped some fun ones as well. 

   Afterwards, the rest of the show continued. It was such a fun night. Above is a video I did today talking more about PinupPoleShow and some of the fabulous goodies I won. It was such a fun evening and can’t wait to go and/or perform at another show soon. 




Aquarian Bath-

Classic Betty’s Rubbish-