New Products I love and a new favorite shop of mine!

In this video I talk about a new boutique I went to for the first time today plus new products that I absolutely love and a few that I’m not thrilled with but are ok.  I posted photos of the new products I love! Enjoy!


I forgot to mention this two products I love in my video above so I’m going to start with those:

1. BOSCIA Detoxifying Black Cleanser- This product is amazing and is a cleanser that is warm when applied that deeply cleanses, detoxifies, and dissolves impurities, makeup, and oil. It also refines the texture of your skin and the more you use it, the more it brightens your skin clarity and minimizes the look of pores over time. It works fast too which I always love when it comes to beauty products.


2. SHISEIDO Paper Blotters- This are perfect if you find your skin looking a little shiny or oily throughout the day. Instead of caking on more powder, you just simply take one sheet of these papers and with the powder side, simply blot any shiny areas. These make life a lot easier.

3. Hollywood California GLAMGLOW FLASHMUD BRIGHTENING TREATMENT- I love this new product but will talk all about it in my next post here coming up. Stay tuned!


4. THINK PINK PALETTE BY COASTAL SCENTS- Gorgeous palette with both matte and shimmer colors. Can be used wet or dry and the pigments are bright and lovely.


5. SHISEIDO IBUKI SMART FILTERING SMOOTHER- This is an amazing product to smooth and blur anything you don’t want seen on your face such as large pores and more. It can be used under and on top of makeup.


6. SHISEIDO  BIO-PERFORMANCE  SUPER CORRECTIVE EYE CREAM-  This is a great eye cream and can be used day at night for helping any fine lines or patchiness. 


7. LOREAL AGE PERFECT EYE RENEWAL- Another great eye cream that can be used day and night and really moisturizes and makes your eyes bright, dewy, and glow while getting rid of any fine lines you don’t want.

IMG_1735 (1)

8. LAURA MERCIER TRANSLUCENT LOOSE SETTING POWDER- My new favorite loose setting powder. It’s like magic and even though it’s a little on the high price side, it’s absolutely worth it and a little of it goes a long way when you apply it so it lasts a long time.


9. BUMBLE AND BUMBLE THICKENING HAIRSPRAY- I love the brand Bumble and Bumble and was very excited to try their new spray. It has a great hold without leaving your hair stiff.


Rockabilly Essentials-Accessories

I’ve gotten asked a lot of questions of what are some essentials to creating your own rockabilly look if you are just starting out or if you want to incorporate a little vintage flair into your everyday look and style, and I’ve decided to list 10 essential accessories that can start you off creating your own rockabilly look. Here’s a video of me showing different accessories but I also provided more close-up photos to give you an idea.

** This blog post and video are just ideas to inspire you. Make your own style your own and most importantly, have fun with your look!

1. High Waisted Shorts/Pants/Capries


2. Cardigans- Pick out at any cardigan that shoots you, for example, animal print, flowers, cupcakes, etc. Button the top button and you definitely have a rockabilly, vintage, pinup look.


3. Everyday purse- For a rockabilly purse for running errands, have a big purse so you can keep all your purse items in them such as your makeup bag, glasses, big wallets, pens, etc.


4. Wow Purses- This means for cocktail parties, fancy dinners and more.


5. Everyday Shoes- For me, everyday shoes means wedges, flats, and espadrilles for running errands.


6. Wow Shoes- Like the wow purses above, you need a sexy pair of heels/shoes for cocktails, parties, and more.


7. Red Cotton Scarves and silk scarves- It’s great to have a collections of different scarves you like because you can wear them in a variety of ways; tied around your neck, in your back pocket, in you hair in different ways, and more.


8. Hair Flowers and Accessories- Many ways to wear flowers and cute rockabilly/vintage hair clips.

9. Jewelry- If you love or want some vintage/pinup/rockabilly jewelry, some ideas can be mermaids, anchors, compasses, and more. Whatever your taste is.


10. Sunglasses- There are so many cute rockabilly and pinup sunglasses on the market. Just a pair of sunglasses can change an ordinary outfit into a vintage look.


All photos except mermaid “EVERYDAY PURSE” I didn’t shoot!



Back to my Bettie Bangs


I grew up having some style of bangs until I was a senior in high school where I  let them grow out. Throughout the years later I’ve been off and on with having different bang styles, from long side swept bangs, to having a vamp widow’s peak, to fringe bangs but having “Bettie Bangs,” is my favorite style. Besides the obvious vintage and pinup look reason, I also love have Bettie bangs because of the way they look on me, how they frame my face, and how they lay beautifully. Not everyone can pull off having short baby bangs so I’m very happy that I can. The lovely and talented Lizzie Sandeman from Carlton Salon in Mission Viejo did an amazing job on my hair. A huge “Thank you!,” and hug to sweet Lizzie! You can check her out on her instagram under @lizziesandeman and under @carltonhairmv

With that said, there are definitely some pros and cons to having bangs;


Cons- If you get tired of your bangs, you have to wait for them to grow out. You also have to go through that awkward “growing out,” phase if you’re wanting to get rid of them. You’ll definitely go through the stage where you can’t do much with them except let them get to a length where you can push them to the side or pin them.

The last main Con is that if your hair grows fast like mine, you’ll have to trim them frequently. If you can do it yourself, there’s no real issue. If you have to get them cut professionally, the cost can add up depending how often you need them trimmed.


Pros- With bangs, any style you do automatically looks vintage and cute. They look great with having your hair down or in an updo.

Your hair can still look polished even if it’s a mess as long as your bangs are looking good.

You can also do most pinup/vintage looks with bangs. You just have to sometimes modify them. For example, you can do your victory rolls, but they can’t incorporate short bangs and you  just have to start the rolls a little more back than if you didn’t have bangs and did your rolls on the very front of your head.

The biggest Pro is that they look absolutely fabulous!





Sourpuss Clothing


   I just bought a fabulous new handbag a few weeks ago. It’s a furry leopard print bowling bag and I’ve been using it constantly. It’s from one of my favorite brands, Sourpuss Clothing and inspired me to blog about it.

   I’ve been a huge lover of Sourpuss for about 7 years when I first saw their booth at a tattoo convention that I was modeling at and during some downtime from the model booth I went to go check out the different vendors.  At one table, in big bold letters was the word Sourpuss. I was instantly drawn  and went over to check out their stuff. I started conversing with the  nice ladies running the booth and started  looking through all their fantastic goodies. I knew I wanted to purchase something but couldn’t decide on what. Finally I found a black and green handbag with a burlesque zombie girl on it and knew I needed to have it. I ended up getting the bag for free from the ladies since I was working at the convention which was awesome, and ever since then, I’ve been in love with Sourpuss and have acquired many different pieces from them, whether it’s a cute dress, a handbag, shorts and more.

   Everything I want and look for in a clothing brand Sourpuss has. They make such unique pieces from the different prints,  their cute accessories, or the cut and style of their clothing that you don’t find everywhere. They also design and create a lot of vintage pinup/rockabilly pieces which they sometimes mix with horror themes which of course is perfect for me.

   Depending on what you get, sometimes the price of something is a little more than other brands but it won’t send you into debt and you definitely get what you pay for. The quality of Sourpuss is excellent. If you buy something from them, you never have to worry about it falling apart unlike cheaper brands and stores. They come out with new stuff all the time and I’ve never not seen something from them that I haven’t liked and have not bought anything from Sourpuss Clothing that I have later regretted.

   Here are some photos of me in just some of my Sourpuss looks including some brand new items I haven’t shown off a lot yet. Hope you enjoy and make sure to look up Sourpuss on their website, or look up what shops carry their stuff.

FullSizeRender (15) FullSizeRender (16) FullSizeRender (17) FullSizeRender (18)


Weekly Movies That Inspire Me,CRY-BABY

07363My hubby came out with this cool concept for my blog here which is to post weekly films that inspire me style wise, in art, in inspirational quotes, and more. I know you’ve seen my past blog posts about horror films and clothing that inspire me but I wanted this to be  a little different. These films I’m going to post are for inspiration whether it’s a makeup look, a time period, fashion, music, or other things. I do get my personal style from many different formats.

This weeks film pick is JOHN WATER’S, CRY-BABY! I’ve loved this film since I was little. How can you not love Johnny Depp as a sexy DRAPE? I love the fashion style of this film set in 1960, with a greaser and rockabilly look that is very hot and sexy and I would wear every DRAPE outfit in the movie, especially compared to the boring straight-laced sick WIFFLE boys. 



One of the best lines in CRYBABY is when Ricki Lake says to pretty square Alison for the first time meeting her saying, “First thing a Cry baby girl learns is, our busoms are our weapons.” Classic line.  And when the girls give Alison her a bad beauty makeup look was awesome.


Besides the awesome fashion style, the music soundtrack is amazing and I love John Waters. If you haven’t seen this cult classic film, it’s definitely a must-see!

Rock&Roll Style


0                     1. THE BEATLES: This one of my favorite bands of all time and still are amazing and popular after all these years and no one can wear a suit and mop-top hair as well and sharp as the FAB 4!! I love wearing well-made suits like them.

2. SOCIAL DISTORTION: Another band that still rocks today. I’ve seen them several times in concert and they’re style is amazing. When I’m in a Social D, rockabilly mood, I pull my hair into a pompadour ponytail, throw on a white wife-beater or my social distortion girl tank with tight capris and slap on some red lipstick.  This is a hot look on girls, and if your bra shows thru your white tank, who cares? Rock it!

3. LANA DEL REY: I am in love with Lana. Besides her amazing voice, her style is  fabulous. She can wear a vintage dress or a Budweiser t-shirt and look equally hot. I love watching her music videos to get fashion or look ideas. She mixes her different looks perfectly.

4. JOAN JETT:  Of course I’m going to list Joan Jett. Ever since she was a kid in the “Runaways,” she has always had bad-ass style.  From her signature jet black mullet to her black leather jacket and leather pants, Joan’s fashion is timeless, just like her music. I enjoy channeling my inner Joan when I rock my leather jacket, leather pants with my blue black hair.

5. ROB ZOMBIE: I’m absolutely in love with both Rob and Sherri Moon Zombie and both of their styles rock too. They often mix hippie chic clothing with their horror gear which I love. For example, Rob will wear a 60’s style long sleeve shirt on stage with a pair of jean bell bottoms with horror patches, like Bela Lugosi. Sherri mixes her looks too and I love her “Total Skull,” clothing line. I own some of her shirts and the designs she created are awesome.  I love love love this horror couple!

Who are your favorite musicians?