Rupaul’s DragCon 2019, Part 2

I hope you all enjoyed the first part of my time at Rupaul’s Dragcon 2019. Here’s the second part of my time at the convention.  It was so nice to wake up at the hotel and not having to worry to wake up super early to drive back to the convention, especially on the weekend. My hubby and I started out with a lovely breakfast downstairs in our hotel. It was a little chilly so I donned my VIP Dragcon jacket.


   After we ate, we headed back upstairs to get dressed and so I could don myself in even more glitter and sequins than the first day.


The second day of Dragcon, my main goal was to meet one of my other all time favorite drag queens, Katya! She wasn’t at last year’s Dragon so I made it my mission to meet her, even if it was the only drag queen I would meet that day. I donned her shorts with my Erika Jayne tank and my long rainbow sequined jacket and I didn’t care how long I was going to wait to meet her, I definitely was going to meet her.

   When my husband and I re-entered the convention, the line to see Katya was already extremely long. Luckily the two girls that I met the day before when waiting to meet Trixie were already in line and summoned us over to stand with them. The girl’s names are Salem and Halo which I thought was amazing and they are such a sweet couple. Even though they are in their twenties and I’m only maybe ten years older than them, they decided to make me their mom. HaHa! I’m so excited to announce that I have two daughters!!! I’m ordained in California so I told them that if they ever get married, I will definitely marry them. I love these girls.



Katya wasn’t going to be doing the meet and greet until 1:00 because she was doing a panel first so we waited in line for a long time but I switched off with my husband so I could see the queens arrive on the pink carpet, (which you can see footage of on my youtube channel, Carlie Michelle) and then come back in line with my “daughters” so he could get a drink and a snack, and walk around to the artist vendors where he bought me a really cool Morticia Addams necklace and bought himself a Gomez Addams keychain and got to meet the artist. You can see my necklace in the photo below with my other necklace of the Bride of Frankenstein that my love of my life bought me at the last Monsterpalooza.


Finally after a long time of waiting in line and switching off to meet other queens and people, Katya Zamolodchikova arrived at her booth. We were all screaming with joy! Because we were VIP and we got there when the convention opened, we didn’t have to wait long. When I was about to meet Katya, no joke, my heart started pounding because I was so nervous and excited. When her and I first saw each other, she shrieked over my shorts of her because she hadn’t seen them before. She took a video of me to put on her instagram feed which I was ecstatic about. You can probably still see me up there on her page. 

   Katya was kind and we took a bunch of photos together as well as group shots with my husband who also thinks Katya is awesome and super funny. Both of us are huge fans of her youtube show “UNHhhh” with Trixie Mattel.

  On a personal level, Katya and I talked for a minute to the side about her past addiction issues and how she overcame them and the addiction that used to be in my family. It was such a beautiful moment and I started to cry but that sweet drag queen stopped me and just hugged me. It was a wonderful moment. 




This year’s Dragcon, VIP exceeded my expectations. I had so much fun like I did the last time and I loved seeing how much bigger and grander this year was compared to last year. I can’t wait until next year!




Rupaul’s DragCon 2019, Part 1

This was my second year of going to Rupaul Dragcon LA and I had even more fun than I did last year. My amazing husband and I went together again and decided to do it VIP style. Besides our VIP passes, we stayed overnight in a hotel near the convention so we didn’t have to drive back and forth and could go and relax in hotel robes, room service, and a yummy breakfast in the restaurant downstairs. The best part of the hotel was the COFFIN-SHAPED POOL! I couldn’t believe it. My husband picked the hotel without knowing that and the super kind concierge gave me her hotel pin with the coffin pool on it which was so sweet. My man and I definitely love our horror.



I spent my entire time at Dragcon in sequins which was fabulous. I took so many photos, met so many wonderful people, took a lot of video footage, (which you can see on my youtube channel,) and a lot more. That’s why I decided to do this article into two parts cause I really had to go through my photos to post which ones were my favorite which was hard because I loved them all. All the queens were stunning and definitely were a huge inspiration to me in terms of confidence, new fashion style, creativity, and so much more. I hope you enjoy!


Below is the gorgeous “OLD CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR” queen, Scarlet Envy! Her and I talked burlesque, old movie stars such as Ann Margaret, and performing. She’s so gorgeous.



Next is the incredible and hilarious Trixie Mattel! I didn’t get to meet Trixie last year because I didn’t have a VIP ticket and it was a four hour wait to see her. Since Trixie is definitely one of my all time favorite drag queens, I had to see her on day one. She was so funny and sweet and loved that I was wearing her Sugarpill Trixie lipstick. She was also selling her brand new cosmetic line so I definitely stocked up, (which I will be talking about and reviewing on my youtube channel soon.) Her set up was awesome and took a photo with my husband also. Trixie also appreciated me wearing her custom tank top and hater’s roast sunglasses so that definitely made me feel extra good.



Next is the “People’s Drag Queen,” the famous Latrice Royale. I was so happy to meet her and her husband. They are such a cute couple. Also the space “Star Wars” theme was so very cool and she looked exquisite and was so kind.



The last queen below is Trinity (the Tuck) Taylor. Oh my god she is beautiful. She was set up in a beautiful spring floral fantasy. I must admit, I was nervous because she is such a fierce queen and performer and had just won All Stars 4 but she was incredibly sweet. She let me hold her heavy diamond scepter from her winning and her boyfriend took our picture. They are another super cute couple.


The first day at Dragcon was so much fun and I met so many folks there including this cute couple who were two gorgeous girls who I became mom too which I’ll talk more about in part 2.


Drag Queen Merchandise

   I definitely wanted to do a post just on my goodies that I got at Drag Con from my that was separate from my main article on my experience at the convention. Here they are and I hope you enjoy! I thought this was a fun post to do!

    First drag merchandise I got is my fabulous Alyssa Edwards pin with her tongue pop and one of her famous sayings, “BackRolls.” I had to have that pin and it makes me laugh every time I see it. IMG_6130

I loved meeting Michelle Visage as you read in my previous post on my time at Drag Con and this is the ring she gave me that she actually wore on RuPaul’s Drag Race! I love you Michelle and thank you! 

I bought these two fans, one that says “Oh Honey” and the other one says, “Thwoorp.” I got these two for twenty five bucks which was a fantastic deal. I chose these two particular fans to represent Trixie Mattel and Katya on their youtube show because Trixie is known for saying “Oh Honey,” and Katya is known for her hot fan flipping and saying “Thwoorp.”


Also for my Katya merchandise since she is one of my all time favorite queens, here are my tank top and shorts which I was so excited to find!

As you know Ben Dela Creme is my burlesque drag sister and I love her and her whole style. Here are my merchandise from her. It’s a shirt that I love wearing, a candle that was handmade, and of course a sparkly gorgeous autographed photo!IMG_5525

Here are my merch from the fabulous Neon DETOX! The shirt I had to have because it’s a horror glam Bride of Frankenstein LIMITED EDITION shirt. I love wearing it with my Kreepsville666 glow in the dark Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein leggings. The tote bag cracked me and I had to have it!

My mom actually ordered this for me before I attended which tells you that she is the coolest mom. I met Alaska briefly and bought one of her shirts for one of my best friends but I thought my little drag queen POP Alaska doll was the cutest!IMG_6129

I also bought one of my best friends up north a Shangela shirt since she’s her top fave queen of my friend. The quotes on the shirt is iconic from season 3 of Rupaul’s Drag Race.IMG_6148

Here’s my stunningly gorgeous autographed photo from Chad Michaels who if you read my first post on my experience at Drag Con, you’ll know what I think of her. The most professional queen I’ve ever met. Thank you Chad aka Cher! IMG_6142

Last but not least, here’s my autographed photo from on of my favorite queens, the famous and funny Bianca Del Rio. Glad I got to meet her, especially after seeing one of her shows a month before and here is my copy of her new book which is hysterical and I definitely recommend reading.

Thank you for reading and checking out all my drag queen merchandise. Like I said above, I thought this would be a fun post!

   Please post your likes and comments below.

   Especially let me know who your favorite drag queens are! I’m curious. Lets compare and chat about our favorite fabulous queens! 







RuPaul’s Drag Con, Los Angeles 2018


   Hello there! I’m here to talk about my experience at RuPaul’s Drag Con, 2018.  There’s so much I saw and experienced there that I can’t list every person I saw and met here otherwise it would be a really long post, but here are some of the highlights. I’ve always wanted to attend this convention before and this year I was finally able to go. I’ll start by saying the whole experience of drag con was so magical and positive. There wasn’t any negativity anywhere. The convention this year was the biggest turn out that they’e ever had. There was so much positive energy from the moment we got there before even entering the actual convention. I knew it was going to be a fun day.

When the convention started, I immediately ran to my favorite drag queen’s stage, Miss Alyssa Edwards. If you read my past posts on drag queens, you already know that she’s my favorite. She looked so beautiful and glamorous in all gold. When I met her, the first thing I said to her is that she’s inspired me with new dance ideas since Alyssa is wonderfully talented dance teacher and choreographer. She was so sweet to me. After meeting her, I was asked to walk the runway near her in my mermaid skater dress that I put together. I definitely had fun doing my “shantay on the runway.” Besides the picture below, here’s the vid my husband took of me on the runway. He recorded me meeting her too which is very cool. She was such a darling.






   One of the funnest things at drag con is seeing what everyone’s wearing, both drag queens and people attending the convention.  My hubby and I had fun snapping photos of the coolest looks we saw there. There were also random props and backdrops, such as this huge horse specifically there to take pictures with which was fun.


   The next person I met was the famous Michelle Visage. If you don’t know who she is, (how could you not?) she is RuPaul’s long time best friend as well as one of the main judges on Drag Race. As a judge she can be intimidating, but when you meet her outside of the show, she is such a sweet woman. The fact that she was walking around in furry slippers without caring and still looked stunning is so fucking cool. She said I looked like an iridescent mermaid which I took as a huge compliment. I actually got a piece of jewelry from her that she actually wore on the show. She had a couple pieces to choose from and I chose this gorgeous black diamond rose ring. I’m going to post a picture in my next article on DragCon merchandise. Thank you Michelle for my new jewelry and being so wonderful.


One of the queens that I definitely wanted to meet was the famous Detox. My husband thinks she is so funny on the show so I was looking forward to telling Detox that she was my husband’s favorite drag queen. She looked so correct at her booth. She was donned in a judge’s robe with her courtroom back drop and her neon judge’s wig. It was a perfect setup. Detox is also such a cool and sweet queen as well as extremely creative and talented. 


   During the day, there was only one nagging issue I had. The only critique I have about Drag Con is that the booth numbers and names were really small to read. Also I didn’t get to do actual meet and greets with some of them because the VIP lines and the regular lines weren’t clear and would take up to 3 hours. Also the fabulous James St, James, the original club kid, who came up to me to hug and take a picture with me specifically said to not wait for three hours to meet someone, so I definitely listened to him. Fortunately I got to quickly meet and hug some of my favorite people there when they took a break from their meet and greets, such as Ben Dela Creme which you all know is one of my all-time favorite drag queens, Trixie Mattel who I love, Bianca Del Rio, which is also one of my top favorites, and Jeffree Star who I had been wanting to see for awhile because I wasn’t able to attend his last grand opening. It was really cool to be able to say hi to them and without waiting for a long time in a crazy long line..






It was really fun seeing the entire cast from season 10 of RuPaul’s drag race, which is airing right now every Thursday night. I wish I had photos of every person I met to show but what can you do? At least I got to see and meet them. 

   The last queen I met before the convention ended was the famous Cher Impersonator and All Stars 1 winner, Chad Michaels. I almost can’t even describe how amazing she is. First of all, she doesn’t believe in charging a minimum amount to spend to get a photo and autograph. She is strictly there for the fans. That alone shows how extremely professional and classy, Chad is. Another thing that I loved is that after taking a few photos and signing an autograph, she didn’t immediately push me to the side or rush me. We chatted with her for awhile and talked about the business side of drag which was very fascinating. Also she looked gorgeous and classy in her blouse and pants. When saying goodbye to Chad, while giving each other hugs and kisses, she actually turned to my husband, and thanked him for bringing me, which actually made me teary eyed because it was such a sweet thing to say, and it felt very genuine. That was the perfect ending to my time at Drag Con.



   I’m so happy I finally got to go, and can’t wait until next year. I’ll probably post more photos from the convention later this week. Thank you so much for reading about my time and love for drag queens.

I’m in love with my Favorite Hollywood Glam Pinup/ Burlesque “Terminally Delightful” Drag Queen, Miss BenDeLaCreme


    In my article “My Top Three Favorite Drag Queens,” I didn’t include the fabulous Ben De La Creme because even though she is definitely one of my all time favorite drag queens, I felt she needed an article post all to herself.

Here is a little information about Ben de la creme and why I love her:

   First off, when I first saw her on RuPaul’s drag race, she came out and introduced herself and stated that Ben de la creme  is “terminally delightful” which I thought was brilliant. I instantly loved her look and fashion and fell in love immediately with her personality. Because of her wonderful personality, she won “Miss Congeniality” on Season 6.  Every time I watch anything with De La, she instantly makes my smile and laugh, whether I’m in a sad mood or not.





I wish Ben De La Creme was my brother or my sister because of all the things we  have in common. He is so gorgeous as a man and as a woman.



I CAN’T WAIT TO MEET Ben De La Creme at RUPAUL’S DRAG CON in Los Angeles in May!


Here’s De La’s website with links to her social media:





My Top Three Favorite Drag Queens


Since I just did a small post mentioning my love for RuPaul and RuPaul’s Drag Race, I decided to post my top three drag queens that were all on Drag Race. They also all extremely intelligent and do wonderful things for the LGBT community! I recommend checking all of them out!

1. ALYSSA EDWARDS- She is the queen and I love everything about her. She is Southern Glamour at it’s fullest. If you don’t know much about her, (how can you not?) definitely look her up. Also make sure to watch her show, “Alyssa’s Secret.”

2. LAGANGA ESTRANJA- She cracks me up. She is probably best known for her signature “DEATH DROP” and her love for enjoying the “SPECIAL GREEN LEAVES.” I love how she is a big advocate for medical marijuana and even created her own strain. Laganga is amazing and a very talented choreographer, like her mama, Alyssa Edwards.

3. BIANCA DEL RIO- Oh my god, this drag queen is a “CLOWN” said by her own self and actually won top drag queen on Drag Queen. Her commentary is hilarious, especially when she talks about other queens but she does it with love, most of the time. haha! Check her out!

RuPaul and Rain

Good Morning everyone. I was not ready for the “Spring Forward” time change.

   Yesterday, last evening, and this morning I’ve been enjoying the much needed rain plus all the fog and the mist where you couldn’t even see the mountains. It was so beautiful and my favorite type of weather.



   Right now besides enjoying the rain, I’m having my first cup of coffee out of triple “Alice in Wonderland,” tea mug, and watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.


   I love RuPaul’s show. It is so glamourous, creative, artistic, and the drag queens are talented, hilarious and can be a bit “shady” which I love.


This is a nice way to spend the morning first thing. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.