Good morning everyone, today’s outfit is HEAD TO TOE SKINNYGIRL! You all know that I love Bethenny Frankel. I love all the times I met her, I love her skinny girl margarita, and especially her clothes. Her jeans are amazing and they are so flattering and soft that you don’t feel like you’re wearing jeans. Also the red and black stripe sweater is perfect for cool days and has a cute slit on each arm which is a detail I always love. Definitely check out her site, skinnygirl.com to see EVERYTHING Bethenny has to offer.






Video To Me From Bethenny Frankel

   Ok you all know how much I love Bethenny Frankel. I’ve met her and corresponded with her many times and have loved her the moment she joined Real Housewives of New York almost twelve years ago and have enjoyed watching her and her business grow. Her daughter is absolutely precious and her brand is all around fabulous. I also support and have donated to her charity, B Strong which I’ve written a few articles about, including on here. Just type in her name in the search area.

   Over the holidays she sent me this beautiful and kind video courtesy of my mom. It was a  nice feeling to know that Bethenny remembered when she first met me at one of her book signings I attended about seven years ago. 

   This is very special to me and I hope you enjoy. If you happen to have any questions about Bethenny or this video, feel free to leave them in the comments.



I love doing supporting charities as much as I can. You all already know that I am a huge advocate for the LGBTQ movement. There is another organization and charity that I’m very passionate about and fully support which is the charity, “B STRONG.” It was created by Bethenny Frankel, which you all know I love, but that’s not the only reason why I support this charity.)

The B Strong program is a disaster relief initiative that provides real time emergency assistance to individuals and their families in crisis. Our mission is to to give people who are struck with tragedy hope by providing gift cards, emergency aid, food and shelter to disaster victims. The mission of this charity is to help others who are struck with tragedy by giving out gift cards, emergency aid, food and shelter to disaster victims.  

You’ll see more details, including videos of their work on their site but here are just some of the past missions that B STRONG has accomplished:

· In 2017, supplied 55 donated planes with aid to the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma and Maria.

· Filled and sent 86 containers to their partner organizations Yonomequito & Third Wave Volunteers in Puerto Rico.

· 10 containers to the Virgin Islands, a small ship with aid for Dominica, St Maarten and other countries.

· In 2018 assisted the people of Guatemala with three relief missions after Volcano De Fuego erupted.

· Distributed aid to those affected in Guatemala, as well as, bstrong gift cards.

· Delivered cash cards in Hawaii to the volcano and earthquake victims at two shelters in Puna.

Bethenny and her charity work is also for survivors of domestic abuse and is very empowering for both women and men. Make sure if you are in an abusive situation, report it immediately. Even if you doubt yourself or don’t think you’re important enough, just remember that you are and that we all have to stick together with our strength to make a difference in the world and in all of our lives.

   B STRONG is the perfect name for all this charity work. Make sure to check out B STRONG and see all the wonderful things it’s done for people. Also if you desire, make sure to send in a donation however small or large it is. Check this charity out at http://bethenny.com/bstrong/.


Bethenny Frankel and Skinny Girl

   I don’t know if a lot of you know this about me but I’m a huge fan of the Bravo tv show, Real Housewives of New York and an even BIGGER FAN of the beautiful, talented, exceptionally intelligent business woman, BETHENNY FRANKEL. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her on the show and when she started season one of the RHONY, she was just starting out with her business. Since then, she has created the famous Skinny Girl Margarita, which I absolutely love plus a HUGE selection of other drinks, healthy snacks, foods, exercise dvds, many books (which is where I first met her) a fabulous clothing and shapewear line, her amazing charities and charity work and a lot more.      

   I first met her a few years ago when she was doing a signing at the GROVE in Hollywood for her book, “A PLACE OF YES” where I wore one of her sexy bodysuits which she immediately complimented me on and she was the absolute sweetest lady. So sweet that she signed two books for me, one for me and one for my mom who is another big fan of hers, and she personalized our books which she wasn’t really doing because there was such a huge crowd. When she did that, it made my heart melt.

   Bethenny recently launched a skinny girl jean line and I’m excited to say that today on Black Friday, I ordered my first pair from her. They are supposed to be super soft and feel like butter. She also came out with these beautiful Skinny Girl Candles for the holiday season and I’m hoping to get one.

   If you don’t Bethenny Frankel or the amazing work she has done, I definitely recommend checking out her sites, Bethenny.com, Skinnygirl.com, and Bethenny.com/BeStrong to see all the charity and beautiful work she has done and all the things she has given to people in other countries.