A Few Tips and Tricks

  This is a little youtube video of me talking about some makeup and hair advice. I’m going to be making more youtube vids for my channel, CarlieMichelle, but want to show off them here too. 

Here are some tips and tricks and photos on creating your own look and style, whether you want to create a pinup, vintage, psychobilly or regular everyday look.

First tip is that when you want to practice a new makeup or hair look, make sure you give yourself enough time. Don’t do it before work or if you have to be somewhere fast because god forbid you don’t like how your look looks, you probably won’t have enough time to fix it. This is also a good tip so you don’t stress yourself out by having to re wash your face or brush out your hair and make your self late.

Another good trick is to practice your makeup and hair looks on a day where you don’t have to work or do a lot so you can work on the particular style you are trying to create. You won’t have to worry about rushing or give yourself anxiety or stress. This will give yourself enough time to practice.

Here are some closeup pics of me in the style I’m rocking in my vid above! Hope you enjoy and hope these tips help.

Makeup, hair, and style should always be fun and not a stressful event. Practicing will of course help but the best and MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER IS TO ALWAYS HAVE FUN WITH YOUR LOOK! THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!!!!  

Hair Must Have Tools


   For any kind of hair looks, especially the pinup, vintage, and rock and roll looks I like to do, I feel there are certain hair tools and essentials that are definitely necessary to have in your repoirtare. These items I can definitely not live without but it you think of any extra goodies that you should have in your arsenal, please post them in the comment section. Enjoy! 

1.  BOBBY PINS- I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have these pins. For pinup or rock styles, bobby pins are estential , I have them in both of the smaller and larger I use both but since my hair is so thick, the bigger ones I usually more.

2. HAIR SPRAY-A good hold spray is what you need to help set and finish  certain looks such as victory rolls, barrel rolls, etc.

3 THERMAL SPRAY- You can find this everywhere and its purpose to protect  your hair follicles and helps seal them in before you use hot tools. It also protects  from any dryness an/or damage from your hot tools.

4. POMADE/WAX- Smooths away any flyways and like hairspray it can help set a hair style but it’s a bit lighter and  more flexible than hairspray.

5. CURLING IRON- This is probably the most  tool for pinup hair. It helps sculpt the hair and gives your fabulous hair looks. Size wise, if you want tighter curls use a smaller iron and if you want more of a wave use a bigger iron.

6. HAIR STRAIGHTENER – I sometimes use a straightener to curl my hair. It’s a neat way to do it. Obviously it’s mostly used for straightening  hair. Also if you have really curly hair, sometimes, depending on the hair style, it’s better to straighten your hair before styling it.

7. PIN CURL CLIPS- You definitely need these to pin your hair to hold in the curl. When you do pin curls, make sure they’re all cool before taking the clips out. After that, you can lightly brush them out.

8. RAT TAIL COMB- This is for teasing your hair and definitely a tool you can’t go without. The backside of the comb is perfect for parting your hair in sections.

9. SMOOTHING BRUSH- Help to smooth your teased hair without pulling it and smooths  any baby hairs you may have.

10. HAIR COMBS- Combs are nice to hold your hair in styles,  especially if you don’t want a bunch of bobby pins stuck in your hair.


Like I said at the beginning here, these are must-faves  for pinup/vintage hair but if you have any other ideas or tools you love to use, please feel free to post in my comment box below.



Make your Mark with Dita Von Teese

FullSizeRender (19)

   Everyone who knows me knows I absolutely love Dita Von Teese. She was, and still  is such a big influence  and inspiration in my life, especially when I first started burlesque dancing and performing.  I love everything about her, from her look and style, to the way she performs, to her glamorous personality. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few years ago at “Strip Strip Hooray,” in Hollywood and she is so sweet. Her insides absolutely match her outside beauty.

I have all of Dita’s books and just finished reading her latest one, ” Your Beauty Mark, the Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour,” and it’s an absolutely fabulous book. 

There are so many things I love about this book, but I think the thing I love the most about this read, is that it is not just a style/beauty guide book or a “how to” book. Dita covers every aspect of her life and mixes her wonderful tutorials and information with wonderful anecdotes such as her life growing up and how she first discovered the ladies of Old Hollywood and how much they inspired her to develop her own spectacular lifestyle.  The book also contains stories of all the wonderful people she has met and worked with in her career and life which was really fun to read.

The tutorials in “Your Beauty Mark,” are very descriptive and are very detailed and easy to follow which is not always the case in beauty guides. She covers everything from how to do her makeup looks from foundation to finish,  to creating her different hair styles, and fabulous fashion tips.

Completely separate  from the beauty tutorials, Dita also provides stretches and exercise to help you stay fit and tips on having a healthy lifestyle, all of which are very helpful.

I really could go on and on about “Your Beauty Mark” and how much I enjoyed it but it would take too long. If you are looking for the perfect guide on how to be your best glamorous self, or just want to read about Dita Von Teese, or even just to go through and see a beautiful  variety of photos of her, this is the book for you. Whatever reason you have , “Your Beauty Mark,” is a definite MUST HAVE and I highly recommend it.

New Beauty Faves

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a few weeks and finally getting a moment to write before work this morning and drinking coffee in my Pink Octopus Mug. Some of these products I just purchased recently and some I have been using for awhile and hadn’t had time to post them right away.

1. BEAUTY BLENDER- Of course this is an ingenious product and have stocked up on a few pretty pink ones. I also got yesterday for free, a flat egg shaped blotter to blot shine throughout the day which is great and better for your skin instead of caking on powder every time you have to touch up your shine. If you don’t know how to use the beauty blender just pour some water on it and squeeze it out until it is damp and it expands. Once you’re ready to put on your foundation or over makeup just use your damp blender to blend your makeup flawlessly. IMG_0321

2.  ORIGINS Ginseng Eye Cream- I just started using this and I absolutely love it and have already noticed a difference under my eyes. This cream has a Ginseng and a little caffeine to make your eyes brighter and get rid of and dark circles or any puffiness you may have in the morning. 



3. Porefessional Matte Rescue- I am a HUGE fan of Benefit Cosmetics and have tried their different primers but this one and the PORE PROFESSIONAL are my two best. I’ve used pore professional for a long time and use it for traveling but this new pore benefit primer is wonderful. Your rub it on you skin, (with clean hands of course,) and you feel the tingly refreshing gel to your clean skin. I also love it that it is a Matte primer and the best is to put it on your clean skin, wait ten minutes, then apply makeup. 


4. KAT VON D TATTOO LINER IN TROOPER- I’m very picky about using liquid eye liner. I have been using Laura Mercier cake liner for years but discovered a liquid liner pen that I use almost every day. I even layer it on my cake liner sometimes depending on my eye look for that day. I first tried Kat Von D’s liner last month and love it. I love the felt tip pen that always stays sharp every time I apply it which is very important to me. The pen tip is the best at giving a clean eye look and doing the perfect “CAT EYES!”  


5. MAC LIP BRUSH- I really like how this brush is retractable and always keeps it shape when applying lipstick.          * Here’s a great tip, take your lip brush and lipstick and get plenty of the lip color on your lip brush. When you’re out and need to reapply your lipstick, all you need is your lip brush. Leave the tube of lipstick at home. 


6. LUSH MASK OF MAGNAMITY, face and body mask- This is my new favorite mask because you can use it both on your face and on your body if you ever have any red bumps or blemishes and it clears them up right away. I use this mask at least once or twice a week. I mix it up with my black charcoal sugar scrub. 


7. RO’S ARGAN BODY CONDITIONER- Another LUSH product that  I love. I’ve been using this for about 2 months now and can’t get enough of this stuff. This is used the same way you would you a hair conditioner. You slather it on your body, let it seep in for a few minutes, then rinse your body off. At first I wasn’t sure about this product because I thought it would be greasy but it’s the very opposite. It leaves your skin super soft and smelling yummy and you don’t need to apply another moisturizer after your bath or shower if you don’t want to. Play with this conditioner to see how you like to use it.    *Another tip is to when in the bath, apply this conditioner to your legs before shaving. It’ll leave them baby soft. 




Bring your Style to Work Day


A lot of us have or had jobs in the past where you have a certain dress code or uniform that you need to wear such as Staples, Starbucks, some restaurants, etc. which doesn’t leave a lot of room to show off your personality. Here are some simple but creative ideas to help merge your work look with your beautiful personal look. It shows that with just a little few touches and tweaks, you can project your unique beauty.

Jewelry:    Jewelry, especially unique or handmade pieces can change a whole outfit and look. If you have to dress a certain way to work or stuck in a uniform, accent it with some hot pieces, a cool ring, earrings, bangle bracelets, a unique brooch, necklace that makes a fabulous statement, or whatever turns you on to make you feel good.

Hair Accessories:    My next blog will be more on hair accessories but wanted to introduce it here. I love wearing accessories in my hair such as flowers, scarves, hair combs, and more. When getting ready for work, add a cute item to your polished hair. Don’t feel that you have to clutter your hair with accessories, especially depending on how strict your dress code is. One simple accessory is a perfect balance between our work and personal style.

Modifying your Uniform:     If you can, push your dress code a little over the line. For example, if you have a job that requires you to always black pants, get some black capris or cuff the bottom of your pant legs to channel your inner rockabilly or pinup girl. Or if you wear a white button down shirt, forget buttoning the last few buttons and tie at the waist. Or if you need to wear sneakers because you’re on your feet all day and you can’t wear your hot heels, get a pair of sneaks with a cool design like Ed Hardy’s or a designer pair of sneakers like Coach. Or if you can wear your high heels, wear a pair that POPS, like bright red or animal print. What ever inspires you, and you can get away with at your job.

Makeup:     Makeup definitely completes any look or outfit. Trace your eyes with eye liner to give you sexy cat eyes, wear your bold lipstick, or sport some whimsical glitter shadow. Again whatever inspires you and makes you happy.

These are just a few ideas to act as guidelines in showing off your own world with your professional world. The most important thing is that your feel good, comfortable, and confident in your own skin when you go out into the world for work.



Going Through the Closet


Here are just some thoughts and tips for organizing your closet, a good way to do your makeup, re-purposing old closet treasures, and more.

1. Wear a robe when you are doing your hair and makeup. I have my bath robe, my kimono robe, and my burlesque robes and wear them all while getting ready. The last thing you want to do is get powder, makeup, or hair products on your fabulous outfit before you go out.

2. When going shopping, always buy QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! I rarely go through sale racks unless it’s an article clothing that I love but was out of my budget before and now I can afford  it. Just make sure it’s not damaged.

3.  Whenever you buy a new item, clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc., go through your closet and get rid of something or a few things. And if the stuff you get rid of is in a GOOD QUALITY, sell  it at vintage or consignment stores. Extra money is always good.

4.  If you can, re-purpose your clothes. I took my long prom dress and made it into a above the knee mini dress that I love wearing. It’s usually not expensive to do either.

5. If you haven’t worn something in 6 months, unless it’s very dressy, get rid of it!

7. Last tip, if you find something that you know is ONE-OF-A-KIND and know you can’t find it anywhere else, get it!!!!!

Getting Creative with Concert T-shirts

I love wearing concert shirts and usually buy one after a great show but sometimes it gets annoying when you can’t find your size, or the shirts  are supposedly for men and you find yourself swimming in them. Especially if you find an older shirt in a vintage store that you must own but it’s two or three sizes too big.

Same thing with a lot of horror t-shirts. I’ll find a shirt that I love or know I can’t get anywhere else and I’ll buy it but can’t wear all the time because of the size.

I like showing off my figure and making my shirts flattering. Over the years, I’ve come up with some fun ideas on how to accomplish this with just a few basic items and a creative eye. Here are some ways to rock your band and spooky shirts in a new way.

1. Take your shirt and simply belt it. This is great if you want to show off your curves and it’s a very sexy look. Also roll up your sleeves at least twice to show off your arms. If the sleeves don’t stay up on their own, safety pin or bobby pin them rolled up.By belting your shirt at the waist, you create a very flattering top or if it’s really long, you can even wear it as a mini dress. 

FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

2. Twist one side of your shirt and secure with either a rubber band  or hair tie. Once you do this you can leave the  knotted end hanging out or tuck it in. Then if desired, roll up the bottom of your shirt once or twice to show off your midriff.      FullSizeRender (7) FullSizeRender (5) FullSizeRender (6) 

3. This look is similar to the second one but instead of using the side of your shirt, twist and knot the back of your shirt as tight as you want and secure with a rubber band or hair tie. Tuck under your shirt.

FullSizeRender (9) FullSizeRender (8)

4. Get a pair of sharp scissors and get to slashing. Take your scissors to your shirt, unless it’s a rare one that you don’t want to change it, and make cuts wherever you want. You can cut the collar or sleeves off, cut from one shoulder to the other diagonally so it falls slightly off one shoulder, or make incisions to the back. Ripping is always good too. This is very fun to do and makes your shirt a definite “One of a Kind.”

FullSizeRender (12)

5. This last idea is extremely creative! Take your oversized shirt and make it into an actual dress. I love the film, “Lords of Salem,” and wanted to have a shirt of the movie but the only one I could find was a men’s double extra large. I decided I wanted to turn it into a dress. I’m not the best seamstress so I collaborated with one of my friends on etsy and she sewed the garment together for me. I picked out the out the material, designed it, and mailed her the shirt and she came up with an exclusive “One of a Kind,” dress that I absolutely love wearing. The front of the dress is the front of the shirt of course but I love that I was able to use the back of the shirt as well to make my outfit complete. I decided on what I wanted with the ribbons, color scheme and the other fabric and my friend sewed together this masterpiece. This is definitely a bit time consuming but absolutely worth it.

FullSizeRender (10) FullSizeRender (11)

Hope these ideas help you and have fun getting your creative juices flowing and go have fun with your T-shirts!


Choosing Your Outfits

Don’t you hate waking up in the morning and you go to your closet and think to yourself, “What am I going to wear today?” or “I have nothing to wear!” This causes nothing but stress, anxiety, and can possibly make you late to work, an important function, or more importantly, a hot date.     Here are some solutions that make getting dressed to the nines easier and relieve stress about getting ready so you can concentrate on more important things, like your job or more importantly, a hot date.                 1. The night before work or your date, go through your closet and pick out possible options you’re thinking about wearing. Try on any items if you’re not sure how they fit you.  Pick out the shoes you plan on wearing and go through your jewelry and other accessories that you want to wear. Once you have your outfit, hang it nice and neatly on your hanger in your closet so when you wake up in the morning, you are ready to go.                          pin-up-couture-pinup-girl-clothing-reproductions                                     2. This may sound silly but it works. I’ve been doing this since I was in highschool and it definitely works for me. You’ll need a pad of paper and a pen or pencil. First make sure you know what the weather is going to be like for the next few days if you can. Take your pencil and paper and write the days of the week with the date and make dividing lines. Open your closet and go through your items, choose your outfits for the week and write them down for the corresponding days. Include accessories if you want.  For example;  Monday-12/25-Black Blazer, purple corset, black slacks, leopard heels, Betsey Johnson purse.  Making lists like these don’t just work for Santa Clause, they are very effective for the  sexy fashionista princess on the go.                                       3. Go through magazines, fashion, music, tattoo, whatever inspires you and rip out any pages that turn you on. It doesn’t have to be full outfits. It can be a page that has a ripped pair of stockings that you think look hot or a pair of sexy heels or a cute hair clip with a hair style you like. Either tape these pages up on the wall, pin on a bulletin board, or put in a notebook. Whenever you want to try a new look or don’t know what to wear and/or need inspiration, refer to your fashion book/board.