“Victorian Private Show Lady” Photo Shoot Part 2

For part 2 of this shoot, my inspiration was still the “Victorian Lady” theme obviously but I wanted to dress and pose how a burlesque dancer from the early 1900’s would’ve dressed. I definitely did my research on this considering burlesque is a major passion of mine but I also took inspiration from one of my favorite television shows, “Murdoch Mysteries,” which is a brilliant Canadian show that I recommend to everyone.

I love the second hat fascinator from Debra Shirley and it worked perfectly with my Victorian corset, my fishnets that I stoned myself, and my other accessories. I wanted to do both outside and inside shots since this is a little bit more of a “PEEK A BOO” shoot but still “CLASSY AS ALWAYS!” That’s a true burlesque performer.
















Hope you enjoy my second photoshoot images. All makeup and hair done by myself and this my very own costume.  Photos taken by the best, Nick Sorat!




13 thoughts on ““Victorian Private Show Lady” Photo Shoot Part 2

  1. Awesome photoshoot! And also, that corset is gorgeous! Where did you get it??

    I also wanted to apologize for not getting back to your email yet, I’m going to be writing up the questions and stuff as soon as I can, just ran into a bit of a snag yesterday when it came to getting things done due to my husband getting injured – he’s going to be okay, but I’m going to have to wait on him a bit while he heals, so I’ll be working on things whenever I have down time. I’m really excited about interviewing you!! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Oh no worries sweetie. Take care of your man. That’s most important. I’m excited to be interviewed by you. I feel honored. ♥️💖

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      1. Thanks for being so sweet! He’s finally on the mend, thank goodness! 🙂 I’m really excited to be interviewing you, it’s going to be so much fun! 🙂 ❤

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      2. I’m really looking forward to it! You’re such an awesome gal and you inspire me so much! Total dream interview! 😀

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      3. Aww that’s the sweetest thing someone’s ever said. You are such a doll and very happy I met you. I’ll be doing the interview questions soon


  2. If it’s possible I love part 2 even more than part 1! The photo of you with your legs crossed, holding the umbrella is superb and my favorite 😍


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