Sunday/Wednesday Coffee Chat: “Don’t InvolveYourself in My Family!”

817BF85D-3C89-4257-AB4A-BB4144C455DEGood morning everyone, here’s another morning coffee chat about a new topic and my experience. I’m posting this today cause I’ve been dealing through a lot lately but wanted to keep working and writing for you guys. Today’s morning topic is all about people involving themselves in my family business. I’m very big on boundaries. I’m not talking about kids and their families. I’m talking about people who involve themselves with my parents relationships which I’ve seen with my own eyes, which I almost punched that person out, but I didn’t because I’m a lady.

Another perfect example about not getting involved in family members that angered me so much was when of my husband’s relatives wrote a quote on my Facebook under my status which is a strong and positive quote to me. It said and you may recognize cause I’m said it a few time, “Don’t poke a bear in the zoo sweetiepie!” That meaning to me means to attack me because you think I’m inferior. I’ll defend myself if you “poke” at me. (And by the way I didn’t name anyone when I posted this simple quote and I didn’t invent the quote.)

So after the quote was posted on my Facebook, which I only use for promoting my art, selling my pieces, and promoting bombshell, I got a call from my husband when he was working yelling and asking what I posted. I had no idea what he was talking about especially since Nima rarely is on there. What he told him, I thought my head would explode…,

My amazing husband told me that his cousin, who I also considered my cousin, is on Facebook who I’m friends with and bothered my husband at work who works the hardest out of EVERYONE in his family, asking if I was ok or if I was going to hurt myself. That’s absolutely crazy!!! She’s a psychiatrist so she over analyzes every thing. My husband apologized and we were both pissed how his cousin who was my family started an argument between my husband and I and when I told her I was upset so was puzzled and her excuse was, “Well it was the only time this happened so why are you two upset?” It’s almost comical! I said we are allowed to be angry. 

I know this is long but I’m wrapping up this Sunday coffee chat by saying some words of advice. 

1. I don’t care if you grew up with my husband, we are in a marriage and don’t EVER come in between my marriage unless you know what you’re talking about. Unless there is DOMESTIC ABUSE in the family, don’t get involved! You don’t always know the situation!

2. DON’T EVER ATTACK MY Family!!!! Like I said earlier, “Don’t poke a bear in the zoo!”

Thank you for reading this and all your support and listening to my opinions and experiences. Make sure to like and comment and follow my site if you haven’t already below!!!!!!

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